What Is KD Ratio & How To Increase It In COD Mobile?

Here is everything you need to know about the KD Ration in Call Of Duty.

The KD ratio in Call Of Duty Mobile (COD) is basically the Kill and death ratio of a player. The KD ratio can be defined as the number of kills a player got divided by the number of times a player died in the game. Its a simple maths and can be explained as, if you get an equal number of kills and death your average KD ratio will be 1 that is an average.

And if the number of kills is more than the number of times you died then your KD ratio will be below average (Minimum) and if it’s the other way round then your ratio will be counted as above average (Maximum).

How To Get The Maximum KD Ratio In COD?

KD Ratio COD

It is pretty simple to get the maximum KD ratio in Call Of Duty Mobile. The best way to get the maximum ratio is by increasing the number of kills in the game.

Here are a few tips and tricks to increase the KD ratio in CODM:

  1. Stick to the rotations in the multiplayer mode and explore the map completely.
  2. Build good load-outs and get the best shots in one go.
  3. Study the map completely to avoid the surprise entries of enemies
  4. Play with moment mechanics
  5. Do not exhaust all your Ammo, use it wisely.
  6. Upgrade all your weapons and ammo from time to time.

So make sure you use all tips listed above and practice well before you enter into any match in Call Of Duty Mobile. Also, do not forget to get yourself protected while on a mission to kill your enemies and increase the KD ratio. Players need to maintain the death rate/ death count lower than the kill count to get the maximum KD ratio in COD Mobile.

That’s all you need to know about the KD ratio and ways to maximize it. For more guides on Call Of Duty, click on the link and find out all you are looking for!