CODM: How To Get More Ammo Points In Counter Intel Event?

Ammo Points are used to occupy a district in the Counter Intel event

A new COD Mobile Season usually means a trunkful of action with new weapons, maps and a number of other rewards. Season 2: Task Force 141 is no different. The season has brought with it a new event in Counter Intel. In this event players have to recruit agents to infiltrate enemy territories and earn rewards. To get ahead in the event, players need ammo points. Ammo Points are used to occupy a district in the event. So, how do you get more ammo points in the Counter Intel Event? Let us tell you.

How To Get More Ammo Points In CODM Counter Intel Event?


Ammo Points Counter Intel CODM

There are a few ways that players can gain ammo points in CODM Counter Intel Event. We have listed these below. Players may pick from the options as per their playstyle.

Play Multiplayer And BattleRoyale


This is the simplest and most straight forward way to gain ammo points in CODM. While MP does give players a better ammo point turnout, BR is also a decent mode to harvest ammo points.

Play Hardpoint Shipment

Hardpoint Shipment is one of the best options if players want to get ammo points fast for the event. Once players are in the match, they should try for maximum kills and survive for as long as possible. This will give players up to 500+ ammo points. Domination Shipment is also a great option to earn ammo points fast. However, performance is key in this option. The better players performs, the more ammo points they earn.


Daily Mission

Players get two daily mission each day. Completing these daily missions is a great way to get extra ammo points as each mission rewards players with 1000 ammo points. This means players can get 2000 ammo points per day for completing their daily missions. Players can also change the daily mission for 40 credits if they would like a different mission or are finding the current mission too difficult. This can be done thrice daily. In addition, there is also a Counter Intel exclusive mission that players can complete.

This is how players can earn more ammo points in CODM Counter Intel Event. For more CODM, see How To Get Legendary HBR In CODM?