Call of Duty (COD) Mobile Ranks Explained

Do you want to know how the Ranks are set in COD Mobile? It is all explained in the article below.

The Rank system in COD Mobile is called Tiers. Tiers are nothing but an in-game grading system that lets you aim higher. They are helpful to analyze your gaming performance. The Tiers fluctuate with your performance in each game. You need to consider several aspects while you aim to rank up which you will see further in this article. In this article, the ranks of COD mobile are explained.

What are the Ranks of Call of Duty Mobile?


cod mobile ranking system

There are 7 Tiers in Call of Duty Mobile. The ranks are listed in ascending order.

  • Rookie
  • Veteran
  • Elite
  • Pro
  • Master
  • Grandmaster
  • Legendary


Within each Tier, there are sub-tiers which differ by 200 points each until Elite Rank. Once you reach Elite Tier, the difference between each sub-tiers is raised by 100 points, now the sub-tiers differ by 300 points in Pro tier. The sub-tiers end at Pro and from Master tier, all you have to do is gain XP to rank up, just as you’ve been doing until now.  As mentioned earlier, the first Tier that a player begins the game is Rookie V. Rookie V Tier starts at 1 point and goes up to 200 points before Rookie IV commences.

How do you Rank up in Call of Duty Mobile?

In order to rank up, you have to consider several aspects of the game. While playing the Battle Royale mode, you see your in-game rank at the top-right corner of your screen. You have to ensure that you survive for a longer period of time to make it to the top position in order to gain maximum XP. The higher your in-game rank (Out of 100), the higher XP you get.


Apart from this, you would see there are certain challenges you have to complete which could lead you to more XP. The Tier tab is where you will be able to see the challenges. The Tiers tab will be located on the left side of your main screen, where you start the match. You have to complete those challenges to climb the ranks in cod mobile.

Now that you know how the ranks system in cod mobile works, keep playing the game consistently and you’ll see yourself rank up very soon. Hopefully, this article was helpful to you. While you’re here, you can check out how to earn Berserker Medal and Best Snipers in COD Mobile.


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