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Best Sniper Rifles In COD Mobile (2022)

Check out our recommendations of the best Sniper Rifles in Call of Duty Mobile.

In Battle Royale games sniper rifles are the best guns for one-shot-kill. Sniper rifles give a player an advantage in the game over other players as it becomes easier for players to scan long ranges for enemies and take them down accordingly. It also allows players to perform a stealth kill in the match. With long ranges comes many factors affecting your shot, these factors can be minimalized by choosing the best sniper in the game. Here are some best sniper rifles of COD Mobile that players can consider.

Best Sniper Rifles in COD Mobile

For choosing the best sniper rifle players have to keep in mind some factors like range and damage incurred. The scopes in some sniper rifles in this game are fixed in the gun itself. Here are the top 10 sniper rifles in COD: Mobile.


dlq33 sniper rifle

The best sniper rifle for accuracy and is the most reliable sniper in combat. It covers most of the map and provides the best accuracy as it has a range of 99. It is due to these stats it is considered the best sniper rifle of all time. Although the game has introduced many guns giving the gun a fierce competition it has not affected the choice of the players.


locus sniper rifle

The Second best gun according to the overall ratings for a sniper rifle. It incurs more damage than other sniper rifles in the game. It is suitable for players who like to use quick scoping. It is good for both mid-range combat and long-range combat. This feature relieves the player from having both types of guns in his inventory in combat.


artic 50

Artic.50 incurs heavy damage in the game. It has a very fast bullet speed and also provides good accuracy. It also has a good fire rate, and also provides Thermal sight that makes it easier to spot the enemy that is taking covers.



Outlaw is another sniper rifle that is suitable for both close and mid-range combats. It has a very small diameter of scope that makes it difficult to have a one-shot kill. This sniper rifle helps beginners improve their accuracy and headshots rates. It has a quick scope that makes it more difficult for beginners.



SVD is a semi-automatic rifle with 10 rounds that can be extended to 15 rounds with a magazine extender is good for every aspect of combat except melee. It does not require reloading the chamber for every shot fired. It is suitable for players who are beginners in sniping and also want to improve their accuracy.



The Rytec-AMR mechanism is the same as Artic.50 but incurs less damage than its counterpart. It is slightly more accurate than Artic.50. It is the third most damaging gun in the game. It has very strong recoil making it a little less accurate. The large recoil of the guns is not suitable for players who prefer smooth recoil. It has slow ADS but has a decent bullet speed.

Kilo Bolt Action

kilo bolt

Kilo Bolt Action looks like Kar98 in PUBG is a Bolt Action Sniper Rifle that provides players to attach any scope for better accuracy. The only demerit of this rifle is that it does not have any scope and requires reloading the chamber after every shot fired. It also has a very low ammo magazine. This rifle is suitable only for those who are good at aiming without a scope and have pinpoint accuracy.

XPR 50

xpr 50 best sniper rifles cod mobile

XPR 50 is one of the most ordinary guns in COD Mobile. It has average stats as compared to other snipers in the game. For better performance of this gun, it requires a good loadout and attachments.


m21 ebr best sniper rifles cod mobile

M21 EBR is a semi-automatic sniper rifle with good damage and range but less accuracy and fire rate. This gun is suitable for beginners or inexperienced snipers who want to improve their accuracy. The preference for this sniper is depleting after the introduction of SVG in the game.


na 45 best sniper rifles cod mobile

NA- 45 is a very ordinary sniper with not so much damage and has only two bullets in its magazine. It can perform well with good load-outs and attachments but it is not preferred by many for its low magazine.

Snipers play a vital role in long-range and mid-range combat and sometimes even in close combat for players with good reflexes and accuracy and aiming skills. With the best snipers, a player should be able to recognize unique angles to get an edge on other players.

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