What Do OBJ, HUD, Wards, SR & Hitmark Mean in COD Mobile?

Here are some COD Mobile abbreviations and their meanings.

Call of Duty: Mobile is a massively popular free to shooter game released for both Android and iOS Devices. Ever since its global launch in 2019, the popularity of the game has been increasing with each passing day. Since it is a multiplayer online game, a lot of users often use different abbreviations and slang to appreciate or make fun of their friends or enemies in COD Mobile.

Since the number of abbreviations or slang used by CODM players are increasing with each passing day, a lot of players don’t know the meaning of multiple abbreviations or short forms used for players across the world. The meaning of abbreviations or slang that COD Mobile players are currently searching on the internet are OBJ, Wards, SR, and Hitmark.

Do you know what these abbreviations or slang mean? If your answer is NO and you want to know the meaning of these COD Mobile words then you should keep reading this post.

Without any further ado, let’s get started:

What does OBJ mean in COD Mobile?


There are tons of COD Mobile players who often use OBJ as a selfless player. This abbreviation is used when someone goes ahead and make room for his teammates to get skills. OBJ is an abbreviation of an Objective player.

What do Wards mean in CODM?

There are plenty of CODM players who want to know the meaning of WARDS and if that’s you then look no further as we have got you covered. The meaning of WARDS in COD Mobile is a guard or watchman.

What does SR mean in CODM?

SR is an abbreviation that is used by tons of COD Mobile players. Have you ever heard of this abbreviation while playing the game? If you are an avid player then you must have come across this world at least once. There are many who often come across SR while playing Call of Duty Mobile. However, they don’t know what this abbreviation stands for. If that’s you then should know that it is an abbreviation of Skill Rating.

What does HUD mean in COD Mobile?

HUD is an abbreviation or short form of A Heads-Up Display.

What is the meaning of Hitmark/Hitmarker in CODM?

Hitmarker is a term used by COD Mobile players for a player who hits an enemy but his or her attack could not kill the opponent.

These are some abbreviations or slang that COD Mobile players use across the world. If you want to learn the meaning of more COD Mobile abbreviations or slang then click on the link.