COD Mobile: What Is Aiming Crosshair Drift?

Want to know about Aiming Crosshair Drift in COD Mobile? Check this guide out.

Call Of Duty Mobile is one of the games that provide realistic experiences while playing. Also, the various features that are added to analyze the performance of your weapon and you can implement the necessary changes you wish to make to ease your gameplay. Well, in this guide, we will be discussing one such inconvenience which is Aiming Crosshair Drift in COD Mobile.

Aiming Crosshair Drift is one of the common obstacles that players face while gunning their opponents down. And mostly, it occurs while using Sniper Rifles. In order to know more about this, read along with this guide further.

What is Aiming Crosshair Drift in COD Mobile?

Aiming Crosshair Drift CODM

Aiming Crosshair Drift in COD Mobile means that when you open your scope, the crosshair wouldn’t remain stable enough for you to aim. Because of this, a player might miss the opportunity to take an accurate shot. But, there is indeed a way to decrease the amount of movement.

You have to place a Stock on your sniper rifle and look for the Lung Refresher feature of the stock. You can manipulate the crosshair drift using this. In the case where the lung refresher has a higher percentage, the drift will lessen and you can aim properly. However, while using such Stock, your ADS will decrease.

You can also select a Stock with lesser Lung Refresher stats, which in turn will increase the amount of drift. This type of gameplay can be used to aim while moving. If you’re in a car or even running, you can increase the ADS and take the shot.

You have to go to the Sniper Loadout and in the Gunsmith tab, click on Stock. You can choose from the stocks which you have unlocked and equip them before starting a match. This is all you need to know about Aiming Crosshair Drift in COD Mobile.

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