Call Of Duty (COD) Mobile: Best Operator Skills (November 2022)

Here are all the best Operator Skills in Call Of Duty (COD) mobile.

After the Pubg ban, Call Of Duty (COD) mobile was the only game, that filled the void of the players. The main reason the game got successful and popular is because of the vast range of firearms. COD mobile not only has a vast collection of firearms but also has a pretty good collection of Operator Skills. These Operator Skills will truly blow your and your enemy’s mind. However, if you’re confused and wondering about which are the best Operator Skills in COD mobile, then we’ve got your back.

List of The Best Operator Skills In COD Mobile (November 2022)

Here are all the best and easy-to-use Operator Skills in Call Of Duty Mobile, go ahead and check them out.

Sparrow – Best COD Operator Skills

sparrow best operator skills cod

Let’s draw the sparrow back and unleash the power of blasting arrows. This Operator Skill has the ability to blast your enemies within a second. Sparrow can kill the enemy in one shot, however, your aims need to be pretty accurate. However to increase the range of the weapon, you will have to draw it back for a longer time, and you’ll be good to go.



This is one of the best Operator Skills in COD mobile. Annihilator has the ability to destroy enemies in one shot. And as a bonus it doesn’t have a range limit, so just aim and you’ll be good to go. However as a downside in the new update, the developers nerfed this weapon, so nowadays players aren’t using it much. Besides all the issues, it’s still recommended to use especially for the newbies.

Tak 5

tak 5

If you play the role of a supporter in your squad, then Tak 5 can come in handy for you and your team. This Operator Skill focuses on healing the squad and also gives 50 extra Hp points for 20 seconds. No matter where you’re, just take a few seconds and use it only when necessary.

Tempest – Best COD Operator Skills

tempest best cod operator skills

Tempest is also one of the best Operator Skills in Call Of Duty mobile. The specialty of this weapon is that it fires a bolt of electricity and can kill or nearly kills opponents. After the new update, this Operator Skill is buffed and now you don’t need to be worried about the aim. Just fire it close to your enemy and it’ll automatically hit them.

War Machine

war machine

War Machine is one of the epic and badass Operator Skills ever in COD Mobile. If you’re lucky enough, then it can kill one or more enemies in one blow. War Machine is a fully automatic grenade launcher, and if correctly use, then you can be unbeatable, for a while.

These are all the best Operator Skills in Call Of Duty (COD) Mobile, go ahead and try them out. If you want more options to choose the ideal Skill, then we’ve got you covered. Here’s a list of all the Operator Skills available in COD Mobile, go ahead and choose your pick.