How To Decode Chowchow Plant Puzzles In Tower Of Fantasy

Want to decode Chowchow plant puzzles in Tower Of Fantasy? Check this guide out.

Tower Of Fantasy has soon become one of the popular games since its release. As the plot of the game is set on an alien planet, the environment in the game is more interactive and gives you certain rewards. On Aida, you will find plant puzzles that release rewards upon deciphering. In this guide, we have covered one of these plant puzzles, the Chowchow Plant Puzzle in Tower Of Fantasy.

Before you go grabbing the rewards, there is something you should know. The Chowchow Plant Puzzle has a bluish hue with a touch of magenta near the end. And you can easily find it while roaming through various locations as it is spread throughout the map. Well, read along with this guide and you will know how to solve the puzzle and get some rewards.

How to Decipher Chowchow Plant Puzzle in Tower Of Fantasy?

Chowchow Plant Puzzle in Tower Of Fantasy

As the name suggests, the plant will not release the rewards it holds without a price. You have to give something in return to get those rewards. Well, the Chowchow plant loves water, and more than that, it loves consuming water cores. You will find the water core near the plant itself.

The water core resembles a small sphere that is blue in color and it has eyes. Now, in order to give the water core to the plant, you will have to throw the water core at the plant so that it can consume it. All you have to do is go near the water core and speak with it to lift it. Press F on the keyboard to lift the water core. Once you do that, you have to throw the core at the center of the plant.

What Rewards does it hold?

Once the plant consumes the water core, it will release the rewards it contains. Usually, you can get 1x Gold or Black Nucleus as a reward and if you’re encountering the plant for the first time, you might even get exploration points. But, keep in mind that you won’t get rewards every single time you feed the plant. In some cases, you will have to return empty-handed after solving the puzzle.

This is all you need to know about deciphering the Chowchow Plant Puzzle in Tower Of Fantasy. Hopefully, this article was helpful to you. While you’re here, you can go ahead and check out other similar articles such as How to solve Lava Pit Puzzles in Tower Of Fantasy and Where to find Ball Cactus.