How To Solve Lava Pit Puzzles: Tower Of Fantasy (2022)

Go ahead and check out how to solve Lava Pit Puzzles in Tower Of Fantasy.

Go ahead and find out how to solve Lava Pit puzzles in Tower Of Fantasy. There are various types of puzzles in the game that you’ll come across on the map. These puzzles give free rewards when solved successfully. If you see a small stone cave with burning lava inside it, then that’s the Lava Pit you were looking for. The locations of the Lava Pit puzzles are uncertain, that because they spawn naturally. So without wasting any more time let’s see how you can loot & solve them.

How To Loot Lava Rock Pit in Tower Of Fantasy? (2022)

how to loot & solve lava pit puzzles in tower of fantasy
Picture Credits: MonkeyKingHero

Follow the steps to loot & solve the Lava Rock Pit puzzles easily in Tower Of Fantasy. The only thing you need to do is extinguish the Lava Pit when it’s active. However, sometimes the lava pits are inaccessible and located on the wall. In this case, you can always use your Jetpack or Cybernetic Arm to reach there. After you’ve successfully got near the Lava Pit, here’s what you’ll need to do.

  • To extinguish, you’ll have to use an Ice Element weapon and attack it.
  • Using an R Frosted Spear is recommended. If you don’t have it yet, then try using any ice effect attack weapon.
  • After attacking the Lava Pit, the lava in the cave will freeze and shatter.
  • And if you’re lucky enough then, the Pit will reveal a Black Nucleus reward for you.

Note: After the Lava Pits are respawned, some of them might not contain rewards.

This is how you can loot and solve the Lava Pit puzzles in Tower Of Fantasy. However many players have reported that the Lava Pits are visible on the map but they’re unable to loot them. This is happening because sometimes the Lava in the Pit is inactive. In this case, you’ll just have to wait until it is active. While you’re here, have a look at how can you solve the Tar Pit Puzzles in the game.