Castle Clash Codes Wiki List (January 2022): All Secret and Magic Lab Codes

Here's a quick guide on how to redeem Secret and Lab codes in Castle Clash.

Castle Clash is one of the top-grossing apps on the App Store and Google Play. It has been more than eight-year since it was launched for Android, iOS, and Steam but the popularity of the game is showing hardly any sign of slowing down. Since Castle Clash has numerous in-game items that need you to have a lot of in-game currency or Gems, tons of players have been searching for free ways to get the desired item.

Similar to Roblox and Genshin Impact, Castle Clash has a code redemption option that allows users to redeem Secret or Lab codes in exchange for items. Ever since the game was launched, the developer of the game dropped plenty of Castle Clash codes but not all of them were working at the same time.

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The reason why most Castle Clash players are struggling to get the latest and working codes is they expire pretty fast. If you want to get your hands on working and active codes then visit this page from time to time.

Castle Clash Secret Codes List – Jan 2022

Unlike other gaming websites, we test and verify every Castle Clash Secret code that we update on our site. Yes, all codes that we have mentioned here were 100% working and active at the time of writing this post. However, if you find any code that is invalid or expired while redeeming them, do let us know about that code in the comment section below.

Once you have successfully redeemed the following Castle Clash secret codes, you will have a lot of Tomes, Hero Scraps, and Gems in your inventory. Notably, the items that you will need to level up your Hero and augment skins are — Tomes and Hero Scraps.

Here are all Castle Clash secret codes and what each code provides when redeemed successfully:

  • B9295RGJ —  Redeem this for Hero Scraps
  • BFBUFFYF — Redeem this for Gems and other items
  • BMVK7DJW — Redeem this for Gems and other items
  • B7ZXXPA2 — Redeem this for Gems and other items
  • KXTP9X2T — Redeem this for Gems and other items
  • NK57PAQG — Redeem this for Gems and other items
  • 692CQKAA —  Redeem this for Gems and other items
  • JDXX54UJ —  Redeem this for Gems and other items
  • 8R9CPT4C —  Redeem this for Gems and other items
  • 9D32MVGJ — Redeem this for Gems and other items
  • YPVYKSMG — Redeem this for Gems and other items

How Do I Redeem Castle Clash Codes?

Redeeming Secret codes in Castle Clash is pretty simple. If you don’t know the code redemption process then follow the steps given below:

  • First, launch Castle Clash on your phone and PC.
  • Tap on the ‘Settings’ icon, which can be found on the top left side on the screen.
  • In a new window, you will see your ‘IGG ID’.
  • Copy the ‘IGG ID’ and visit the official Castle Clash site.

Castle Clash Codes

  • Enter the IGG ID and Promo Codes
  • Once entered, click on the Submit button.
  • If the code is valid, you will get your rewards in a few minutes.

Castle Clash Lab Codes – Jan 2022

Here’s the complete list of Castle Clash Lab codes and what they provide when redeemed successfully:

  • 1212 — Redeem this for Legendary Star Stone x20
  • 2321 — Redeem this for Epic Stone x20
  • 1412 — Redeem this for 60 Magic Powder
  • 2222 — Redeem this for 200 Blessed Tomes III
  • 2114 — Redeem this for 4 Event Coins
  • 2132 — Redeem this for 800 Zenit Stones
  • 1331 — Redeem this for 600 Honor Badges Pack II
  • 1223 — Redeem this for 600 Super Pet Snacks
  • 1511 — Redeem this for Magic Powder 30
  • 5111 — Redeem this for 600 Capstone Ruby

How Do I Redeem Lab Codes in Castle Clash?

The process of redeeming Lab codes is a bit different than Secret codes in Castle Clash. If you don’t know how it is done then follow the below-mentioned steps:

  • Launch the game on your device
  • Go to the Event section
  • There, you will have to find Magic Lab
  • Once found, use the “+” and “-” buttons to enter the numeric code.
  • That’s it.

That’s everything you need to know about Castle Clash codes.