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Brawlhalla Chest Rotation Guide (November 2022)

Read this article to understand the chest rotation in Brawlhalla!

Brawlhalla is the most popular fighting game that is loved by every other player. All you have to do here is give a tough fight against your opponent and turn them down, to win the game! Chests are the in-game purchasable mystery boxes that reward you with new skins.

If you are still unaware of the chests or curious about the chest rotation in Brawlhalla then look no further as we have you covered! Here is a complete guide that will help you understand the rotation and get the exclusive skins in the game.

Chest Rotations In Brawlhalla Explained

Brawlhalla Chest Rotation

Chests in Brawlhalla are the purchasable items from the in-game store Mallhalla. These chests are super interesting boxes full of amazing skins. Each chest in the game has a total of 18 skins. these skins are a combination of 15 regular skins and 3 exclusive skins. (Except Odin’s chest as it has 2 exclusive and 14 regular skins).

The chest is rotated every two days and can be unlocked for 100 mammoth Coins. There are more than 20 different chests in Brawlhalla and hence make sure you unlock all the skins that you need in a particular chest before it spins. The current chest rotation in Brawlhalla start’s with Odin’s chest and ends on Synthwave Chest and the cycle continues!

Check out the list of all the chests mentioned below and refer to it for all the upcoming chests in the game.

List OF All The Chests In Brawlhalla

Here is a list of all the chests in Brawlhalla that are rotated fixedly:

  • Odin’s Chest
  • Wild Chest
  • Elemental Chest
  • Revenant Chest
  • Exalted Chest
  • Olympian Chest
  • Forgeborne Chest
  • Celestial Chest
  • Skysail Chest
  • Ragnarok Chest
  • Royal Order Chest
  • Outlaw Chest
  • Sunken Chest
  • Ancient Chest
  • Dragon’s Chest
  • Forbidden Chest
  • Sandstorm Chest
  • Imperial Chest
  • Cosmic Chest
  • Brawl City Chest
  • Synthwave Chest

Here we come to the end of our Brwalhalla chest rotation guide. Check out another article on how to get mammoth coins in Brawlhalla.