Blue Archive Crafting Guide: How To Craft In Blue Archive?

Get to know how to craft Exp Report, Skill Material, Gift, Furniture, etc. in Blue Archive.

Blue Archive is a popular role-playing game where you play a role of a good teacher who solves mysteries and beats bad guys in the city. The popular gacha game has been released globally and there are many beginners who are trying to look for ways to craft materials and level up faster. Crafting is the heart and soul of Blue Archive and therefore it is essential to understand the crafting before you go further in the game.

Without any further ado, let’s get started with all the tips and tricks to craft materials in Blue Archive.

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How To Craft Different Materials In Blue Archive?

Blue Archive crafting guide

  • The crafting feature will be introduced in the game as you reach chapter 3.2 or above. As soon as the feature is unlocked you will be given three slots. This is a clear indication that you can craft only three things per day in Blue Archive.
  • Once you unlock the crafting chamber, start collecting as many key stones as you can. Key stones are rare and hard to find therefore collect as many as you can and save them for later.
  • Key stones are essential to start the crafting process in Blue Archive. You need a minimum of 1 or a maximum of 5 Key stones to start crafting.
  • Make sure you choose these three crafting materials carefully depending upon what you will need in the game. You can check the daily missions column before you go for one as it always is one of your daily tasks.
  • There are different types of materials available to craft in Blue Archive like cafe furniture, gifts for kids, and growth materials. So do not get confused and go for the one required at that moment.
  • There are will be two more slots left to craft in the crafting chamber now. We suggest you to opt for Cafe furniture as it will be helpful for you to levelup faster in the game. Cafe furniture will increase your play area and reward you with stamina (AP) and help you go to higher levels quickly.

These are all the tips that we have managed to gather so far after playing the game and we will be updating more tips as we go further. Bookmark this article and visit again for all the latest tips for crafting in Blue Archive.