BitLife: How To Buy Equestrian Property & Horse Ranch

Here's a quick guide on how to buy a Horse Ranch in BitLife.

Everybody wants to have a Horse Ranch and buy Equestrian property but it is not possible for all in real life. We all know how expensive is Equestrian property but if you love playing BitLife then you can have it in the game.

Having Equestrian property allows you to home a horse and numerous other creatures. There are thousands of BitLife players who have been having a hard time buying a Horse Ranch and if that’s you then look no further as we have a guide covering the same in the easiest way possible.

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BitLife: How To Buy An Equestrian Property

To buy an Equestrian property in BitLife, you will have to visit a realtor first and then find an asset that has the word ‘Equestrian’ in it. For the unversed, Realtor can easily be found in the shopping tan and will require you to have at least $1 million to buy the property. Now, you must have understood the kind of job you must get to buy an Equestrian property in the game.

If you have accumulated the required money but unable to see the house then I highly recommend re-start the game and refresh the list. You may need to age up for a year to do so. Alternatively, you can travel to another country that has the desired property. You will have to shell out between $6 million to $10 million to buy these real estate properties.

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Once you have purchased Equestrian Property or Horse Ranch in BitLife, you can easily raise horses and other creatures. To buy a horse in BitLife, you will have to head to a Horse Ranch option, which can be found under the pet tab in activities. From there, you can easily buy and name a brand new horse.

That’s everything you need to know about how to buy Equestrial property and horse in BitLife.