How To Work For Candywriter In BitLife? – Candywriter Achievement Guide

Here's a quick guide on how to work for Candywriter in BitLife.

BitLife – Life Simulator by Candywriter LLC is the fastest-growing simulation title, with over 10 million downloads in just two months on Google Play. If you are one of the players addicted to this revolutionary game, I bet you flew to it after getting bored of playing the same old action RPGs and racing games, correct me if I am mistaken!!

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You may have noticed that you often get wrapped up in this game for hours and hours due to its outstanding features and infinite challenges, one of which is the Candywriter achievement you may have recently stumbled upon. Because it’s a little different, you’re probably thinking about how to work for Candywriter in BitLife. Don’t worry, leave all of your concerns to me and continue reading until the end.

BitLife Candywriter Achievement

As you are aware, that game allows you to make choices and live different lives, with associated outcomes that obviously mess up and stimulates your adult life in a way that oddly satisfies you.

To experience every possible real-life outcome through the game, you may want to try out all of the game’s achievements, but none are identical. While some tasks are relatively simple, others may require you to leap through fences to complete. Fortunately, you have your task cut out for you right here to make your virtual life smoother.

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BitLife Candywriter achievement is essentially winning a teammate ribbon, which is one of the incentives for completing the task in addition to working for the Candywriter. Because it literally refers to the game’s developer Candywriter, you will have to imitate an identical life to theirs in BitLife.

The primary question now is how to work for Candywriter in BitLife and achieve Candywriter Achievement. Simply proceed to the next section of the blog for the same.

How To Work For Candywriter In BitLife?

Work for BitLife is the in-game description for Candywriter Achievement and here’s the correct way to perform it.

  • Given that the developers Candywriter have headquarters in Miami and Tucson you have to make sure you born in one of these two locations
  • Study hard in childhood and visit the library to develop your smarts and intelligence in the game.
  • Enroll in a university and major in Computer Science.
  • Once you get the degree start seeking the app developers’ job.

Please Note: To get the job as an app developer you must want to born in Miami since the employer is Candywriter and not BitLife. However, a chance of getting a ribbon from any of the places is equal.

That’s it on how to work for Candywriter in BitLife as well as successfully complete this achievement. You may like to stay hang here as well.