Best Team Combinations In Guardian Tales (2022)

Looking for an effective Team while playing Guardian Tales? This article features the best teams in Guardian Tales in PvP, and PvE.

While playing Guardian Tales, it totally depends upon the choice of team whether you’ll be victorious or not. It is imperative that you choose the right combination that suits the area of confronting the opponents in different genres of the game. Hopefully, this article on the best teams in Guardian Tales will help you out, so let’s get right into it.

Best Team Combinations in Guardian Tales (PvP and PvE)

Best teams in guardian tales

Guardian Tales is a role-playing game and most RPGs indulge the player into the game via strategy. To make an effective strategy, you’ll need the best combination of units from the game. This list features some of the best team combinations for you to secure a victory in the game.

Best Team Combination in PvP

While playing PvP in Guardian Tales, among the several combinations of the character, it is better to use 1x Tanker Unit and 2x Support Units. For this combination, you can put Erina, Noxia and Kamael in one team where Erina is a Tanker Unit and Noxia and Kamael are Support Units. All the three units are one of the best in the game and you can overpower your opponent with ease.

Erina’s Normal Attack ability can help you tackle the opponents along with healing her teammates. While Erina is fighting on the front lines, Kamael uses his Normal Attack ‘Circle of Life’. This will inflict damage to the enemies and assist Erina. Noxia uses her necromancy skills to defeat the opponents. Her spirit orbs make it easier to defeat the enemies alongside Kamael and Erina.

Other than this combination, Kamael, Future Princess and Mayreel is also an effective combination. Future Princess, being the most powerful unit in the game, gives you an advantage over the situation.

Best Team Combo in PvE

While playing PvE setting in the game, it is preferable that you choose 2x Tanker Units, 1x Support Unit and 1x Warrior Unit or Ranged Unit.  Tanker Units can tackle enemies by advancing in their skill set and power while support and Ranged Unit can attack the enemies that try to surround you.

One of the top tier combination is Future Princess, Oghma, Beth and Gabriel. Other than this combination, you can use Nine-Tailed Fox Garam instead of Gabriel. Nine-Tailed Fox Garam being a Ranged Unit, can be of more use. With the help of his sorcery, he can restore the HP of his teammates while dealing damage to the enemies.

Although it will take time for you to unlock all the heroes and unleash their maximum potential, but you can always make your team with the heroes at your disposal as of now. Hopefully, this guide on the best teams in Guardian Tales has helped you in playing the game further. While you’re here you can check out the Tier List of the Heroes with Reroll guide and learn more about the Training Room in Guardian Tales.