Guardian Tales: How Does Training Room Work & How To Unlock It

Want to know about the training room in Guardian tales? Check this out!

If you want to boost your hero’s growth in Guardian Tales, you will have to put them into Training Rooms. Once you have selected your favorite hero, put it in the Training Room to make it stronger. For the unversed, there are 3 slots in Training Room for heroes.

Each slot unlocks on stage competition and the number of unique hero’s growth progression in Guardian Tales. Once you pull any hero from its slot, you can’t use it for the next 24 hours so be careful before pulling any heroes from the training room.

How Does Training Room Work In Guardian Tales?

Guardian Tales training room

Firstly, you have to unlock the Training Room in Guardian Tales. Once a player completes every task in the world 7, Training Room will be unlocked automatically in the story mode.

As soon as you enter the training room, you will find three slots in it. You have to unlock these slots in order to avail them for your hero’s.

Working in the training room in Guardian Tales is very simple, all you have to do is place them in the room and upgrade it to the max level without spending any of your resources. The only drawback of the training room is, you can sustain your hero’s max level progression only till you are in the training room.

Every slot has three sub functionalities which you can unlock by completing the asked requirements:

  • Max Evolution – Evolves up to five-star variant and it’s unlocked as soon as you unlock the first slot in the training room.
  • Max Awakening – Unlocks all awakenings of a hero. You can unlock this criteria in the training room by at least having one unique hero and by having unlocked all the awakening nodes for the unique hero.
  • Max Limit Break – Unlocks max limit break. Unlock this option by reaching max limit break with three unique heroes in Guardian Tales.

That’s everything you need to know about the training room in the Guardian tales. Check another article on Roblox Dragon Adventures Code List.