Best Tanks To Use In War Thunder (2022)

Wondering what tanks are the best ones in War Thunder? Read this guide to know which tanks to prefer while playing the game.

It is quite natural to get confused about which tank should you choose in this game. Each of the tanks are deadly and built to kill but there are a few that are the cream of the crop. Let’s get a closer look at the best tanks in War Thunder.

Best Tanks to Use in War Thunder 2022

Leopard 2A6

war thunder leopard 2a6 tank

Leopard 2A6 is a German Tank and the successor of Leopard 2A4. It grabs a spot in this list because of its killer features and amazingly loaded weapons. Leopard 2A6 holds a 120mm Cannon that uses DM53 shells which is one of the best shells in the game. Apart from that it is loaded with x2 MG3A1 Machine Guns with rapid rotation and x16 Smoke Grenade Launchers. Coming to the defense, it has impenetrable turret cheeks and improved front plate armor makes it difficult to toss this thing around.


War thunder t-80u tank

The Soviet T-80U bags the spot in this list because of its stealth defense. T-80U is not easy to spot because of its low-key appearance. Along with that, it has an effective front and rear armor that can withstand the enemy attacks impressively. Additionally, T-80U has a 125mm Cannon which can shatter the enemies like broken glass. If you’re wondering despite of such impressive features why is it not at the apex in the list of best tanks in War Thunder, there are reasons. One of the reasons why is that the side armors of T-80U aren’t up to the mark. It can take good damage from the sides. Apart from that, it has a slow reverse speed which makes it’s difficult to dodge the attacks.


war thunder ztz96a tank

Another banger in War Thunder, ZTZ96A, a Chinese build, makes it to the list. With the HE shells filled inside a 125mm Cannon, one of the top-tier shells in the game, not one enemy can be spared from its wrath. It can fire flat shots and angled. Although, it has slower mobility which puts you in a difficult position. If you’re spotted by the enemy, you can neither run nor hide.

Tiger H1

war thunder tiger h1 tank

Tiger H1 is one of the best tanks in War Thunder. It has a faster moving speed compared to other tanks. It has an 88mm Cannon which can filled with various types of shells. Ultimately it can be used to attack almost all the tanks that are on the enemy side. Apart from that, its side armor can be effective if you manage to flank it properly. Although if you didn’t, the side armor can be teared through by even low-tier tanks. You have to learn the tactics to ace in the battlefield.

Challenger 2

war thunder challenger 2 tank

The British-made Challenger 2 makes it to the list of best tanks in War Thunder. Challenger 2 is known for it’s stealth behavior in the battlefield. With its accuracy and reload speed, Challenger 2 can be a savior in the field. Also, you can fire at the enemies from far away. It’s just that, it might not be a good idea to be the center of the ruckus. Simply because it has low acceleration. Its wise to stay back and prick the enemies to death. Although, it has a considerable reverse speed which can help you to retreat while still firing shots at the enemy vehicle with accuracy.

These are some of the best Tanks in War Thunder. All these tanks can assure you victory, the only thing is that you need to know how to control them as the situation demands. Hopefully, this article was helpful to you. While you’re here, you can check out Best Planes in War Thunder and how to check if the servers in War Thunder are down.