Best Smoke Spots On Dust 2 In CS:GO (October 2021)

Here are all the best locations for smoke spots in Dust 2!

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS: GO) is surely one of the best multiplayer first-person shooters games of the decade. There are plenty of maps and arenas for players to explore but Dust 2 is the one that fans love the most. The reason why fans love Dust 2 the most is it has a very simple yet fun layout for beginners.

Irrespective of whether you are a beginner or pro, you must know the best Smoke sites available on Dust 2. Once you are aware of the best Smoke spots on Dust 2, you can make your opponent’s visual blind by throwing Smokes at the perfect time. Making your work easier, we have compiled a list of all the best Smoke places on Dust 2 that most of the CSGO pro players are currently using.

Top 7 Best Smoke Spots For Dust 2 – 2021

Dust 2 is the oldest yet the easiest map of all time which is chosen by most of the beginners in CS: GO. But over time the map has changed drastically which even changes and updates the smoke locations as well. Check out these best smoke spots which will help you execute your attacking strategy in the game.

1) B Door Smoke

smoke spots in Dust 2

This is one of the best smoke spots on Dust 2 where you can throw grenades from the sky roof tunnel or just throw and make a B spit.

2) Long Corner Smoke

smoke spots in Dust 2

Long Corner smoke will help you to block the CT and get some time not to let him get the first frag. It will automatically push the CT back because of the smoke.

3) A Cross Smoke

smoke spots in Dust 2

You will have to team up with your teammates to execute this. All you have to do is block the area by throwing grenades from two directions and creating the working space for you and your team.

4) Xbox Smoke

smoke spots in Dust 2

This is also one of the basic yet easiest smoke spots on Dust 2. It makes a lot of available space for players by blocking AWP that may stop you from going short.

5) Mid To B

smoke spots in Dust 2

You can plan your strategy in such a way that when AWP will try to cross your site at that right moment smoke grenade at CT Spawn in the Dust 2.

6) Retake B

smoke spots in Dust 2

This spot is to block all the enemies at the B entrance in CS: Go. To execute this reach T spawn and take cover and throw smoke at the B entrance.

7) B Window

smoke spots in Dust 2

Walk forward from T spawn and reach the upper tunnel of B Entrance and plant a smoke to clear enemies at B window in Counter-Strike: Global offensive.

That’s all you need to know about the best smoke spots on the Dust 2 map of CS: Go. Check out another article on the CSGO operation riptide update.