10 Best Neo-Geo Games OF All Time (November 2022)

Do you want to have an arcade experience in the comfort of your own home? Then the listicle for the greatest neo geo game provided below is just what you're looking for.

You must be here because nostalgia has struck you, you want to recapture the best time of your life playing arcades, or you want to find out what all the hype is about neo geo games back in the day that you were clueless of till now. Whatever the reason, the list of best neo geo games below is just what you need to get back into the action or catch up on what you’ve missed so far.

Best Neo Geo Games List – 2022

SNK was once a hardware gaming pioneer, presenting gamers with some of the finest gaming collections ever. Aside from its cartridge-based Neo Geo arcade system, which was one of the most dynamic units in the 1990s, players were most enthusiastic about its luxury home consoles.

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Why wouldn’t they be? After all, it was the first to offer players the ability to play games from the comfort of their own homes. You, too, may relish them, and you should begin with the ones mentioned down.

1. Garau: Mark Of The Wolves

best neo geo games

This game clearly tops the list of best neo geo games since it is the greatest fighting game of all time and is widely played by the gaming community. It’s the ninth and last edition in the Fatal Fury series, and unlike the others, it only has one plane. In terms of features, it offers exquisite visuals and, unexpectedly, the best music. It also allows you to modify the health meter and choose whether you want to play defensively or aggressively. You must give this game a try.

2. Magician Lord


This is a game with a little rush and shoot mechanics and has mastered both visual and technological aspects. Elta is the game’s protagonist, and he is on a mission to destroy the wicked magician Gal Agiese. Throughout the journey, he battles armies of evil spirits and other beasts and even transforms into other species to tackle difficulties. The intricate gameplay is what drew gamers in. Try Magician Lord if you’d like a lively adventure.

3. Crossed Swords


Crossed Swords is a one-of-a-kind third-person shooter that requires you to be skillful with a sword. The timely placement of sword wings and the preparation of defense prior to a strike is where the game’s success rests. It may appear simple, and you may be duped, but let me tell you that it is actually difficult. In the game, you may spin and use both your sword and your shield.

4. Pulstar


At first glance, the game may appear to be a cliché, but it is a traditional shoot’em up side-scrolling game with tough gameplay and fantastic features. The game does not allow pre-planning, so you must devise plans on the run and get ready for some serious action.

5. Shock Troopers

shock trooper game

Shock Trooper, a run and gun shooter,  is not just the best, but also one of the most rewarding Neo Geo games you’ll ever play. The end result of the attractive character roster, demanding action shooting system, fast-paced enemy soldiers, and epic bosses is just too much fun to handle.

You can have up to three heroes on your team, each with their own set of skills and abilities. Additionally, the game has two modes: Lonely Wolf and Team Battles. I recommend playing the game with your friends or siblings for the most joy.

6. Nam – 1975

nam 1975 game

Though gallery shooters aren’t what most gamers are yearning for, NAM-1975 is an excellent one from the genre, staged in 1975 in Vietnam. You participate as a soldier with the strength to break free. You are even powerful to live through the gunshots suffered just with a mere roll.

7. Cyber – Lip

cyber lip

Are you a Contra lover? Then Cyber – Lip is definitely the best Neo Geo games you wouldn’t want to miss. The plot of the game revolves around the government’s efforts to establish space habitats in response to the Earth’s congestion. While, on one hand, several of its stages contain shafts you can dangle from, to overtake the enemy. On the other side, you progress through six stages, collecting up energy and defeating enemies along the way, till you face the final boss.

8. Twinkle Star – Sprites

twinkle star sprites game

You must realize that international games, like every other game from the 1990s, lacked cute elements and features. Twinkle Star – Sprites become one of the few adorable titles to star in mainstream culture and garner a lot of attention. In this top-down puzzle shooter, you command a beautiful anime girl who fires magical bolts at multi-colored puffs.

But don’t be deceived by the charm. This multiplayer game is tough, and you must be extremely cautious to connect explosion enemies together for the best effect; it’s not simple, but it’s a lot of entertainment.

9. Waku Waku 7

waku waku 7

The game is a one-of-a-kind one-on-one fighter with illustrations of various iconic anime and videogame stars, each with differing persona, skill set, and playing style. The graphics work is fantastic, with finely accurate settings, characters, and specializations.

10. Metal Slug – 3

metal slug 3

Again, this game is closely related to Contra in that you run and gun through levels. You act as a soldier raiding enemy strongholds and rescuing war prisoners while killing everyone in your way. It is renowned for both zombie and mummy makeovers, which modify the character’s look and skillsets.

That concludes the list of best neo geo games you should start playing now. Also, check out the list of Best Games Like Maplestory To Play.