Top 10 Best Online Games To Earn Real Money (2022)

Here's a list of best money earning gaming apps to earn huge cash.

Are you looking for apps or games to earn money? If your answer is YES then you have landed on the perfect page. In this post, we will reveal a list of money-earning games or apps that will help you make decent money without investing a single penny. The best thing about the following money-earning games or apps is they will keep your brain active and sharp all times. Whenever you are traveling or waiting for your friends, these money-earning apps will turn out to be the perfect stressbuster for you.

According to media reports, Nearly 73% of people ages between 4 to 20 own at least one video game console. However, the days of old-school console gaming fashion are long over. Gen Z does have everything at its fingertip. Game developers across the world are working tirelessly to produce the next impossible challenge for users to get hooked on.

Can you earn real money from playing online games?

While earning money through online gaming is a known reality, it is a risk that not many people are willing to take. Users will have to pay huge amounts for gaming gears and all that without the certainty of winning big. Studies suggest that people can earn anywhere from $500 to $1,500 per month simply by playing real money earning games in their free time which is a lot better than replacing it with their full-time job.

Top 10 Money Earning Games or Apps in India – 2022


Money Earning Games in India

Dream11 is a fantasy cricket, football, Kabaddi, and IPL playing online game. An eSports gaming platform where users can win from big and small prize pools.  Offered by FANTASY SPORTS INFO, Dream11 currently has 10,000+ installs. Football fans can even get to play fantasy football with a minimum of Rs. 100.

Dream11 offers players the flexibility to choose a captain and vice-captain who will increase their chances of winning. It features big and small prize pool contests where players can follow the live match all the while monitoring their performances. Dream11 demands a thorough background knowledge of domestic players. Beginners can start with smaller prize pool contests before entering the big leagues in the game.

2. QuizWin App

Money Earning Games in India

QuickWin as the name suggests is incredibly quick and exciting to play. The game is offered by digital track and has nearly 1,000+ installs.  All you have to do is answer some easy questions and get a chance to win big. It is rated 4.2 on the play store.

It is the latest addition to trivia games which has easily become an audience favorite in recent times. QuizWin offers simple quiz questions from topics related to G.K., Current Affairs, Sports, Computer, Food, Culture, Bollywood, etc. Users can now win cash prizes through this game while also learning tons of new things. One of the best parts of this game is its flexibility to purchase question packs on Paytm. Users can battle it out on the leaderboard and win a 10 point reward for every right answer.


Money Earning Games in India

Ace2Three is one of India’s biggest deck games. With over 8 million players, the game has about 5,000,000+ installs on the play store.  Offered by Head Infotech India Pvt, Acce2Three has a 3.8 rating.

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One of the most popular variants of card games, it has a world-class interface that is both easy and an audience favorite. Rummy players across India play free and cash-winning games on this site.

Ace2Three allows you to choose among 2 or 6 player tables, joker, or no joker variations. Each game lasts for one deal only where the winner gets the chips from the other players depending on the count and entry value. It offers free rummy tournaments and a Multi-Table Tournament where many players can compete against each other. Ace2Three is currently the top money-earning game in India.


Money Earning Games in India

Rummy Circle is a 13-card game and is the largest online rummy game in India offered by Ultimate-Games. The game has a large player base which extends up to 10 million. Its popularity in the card deck world is unparalleled. Millions of players trust Rummycircle enough to make it one of their top choices for money earning games in India.

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It is a part of Play Games 24×7 and has the biggest prize pool at a whopping Rs. 4 crores. It is easy to use as one can download the app for free and register to play right away. All you need to begin is a bare minimum of Rs. 25. Its user-base comprises of 5 Million users with a rating of 4.5/5 and approximately  1,98,272 total votes and 10,000,000+ installs

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Players play for points that have a pre-decided rupee value. One player who makes the first valid declaration wins the game with 0 points and wins all the cash based on the opponent’s total points. RummyCircle is one of the fastest variants of rummy games in the world.

5. My11Circle

Money Earning Games in India

My11Circle is an eSports fantasy cricket game played by approximately 13 million people. It has a total rating of 3.9/5 and is upvoted by 641 users with 100,000+ installs. In this game, the user can make a team of 11 members by selecting from a pool of 25 or 30 players. The performance of the 11 players gets you points as the live match begins which your final score gives you a ranking.

It is offered by Tech Makhni and one can start playing with a minimum of Rs. 25. The winning amount depends on the tournament, which includes domestic and international and the contest. It allows you to form and manage a team including your very own team of bowlers, batsmen, all-rounders,
and wicketkeeper and join a contest that suits your budget.

6. 8 Ball Pool

Money Earning Games in India

8 Ball Pool has around 500,000,000+ installs and is offered by It has 4.5 ratings on the play store. It is the biggest multiplayer pool game. In this game, the players can set their shot power by clicking the left mouse button, then dragging the pool cue away from the direction you’re aiming.

8 Ball Pool is a call shot game played with a cue ball ad fifteen object balls, numbered 1 through 15.
The game also allows entering multiplayer tournaments for the billiards crown. In an exciting twist to the game, players can grab their pool cue and take as many shots before the timer runs out. The players get a time bonus for every time they pot a ball. A new rack of balls is given on reaching down to the last ball. The mouse to aim the pool cue at the ball you want to pot.

7. Loco Live Trivia & Quiz Game Show

Money Earning Games in India

Loco has a 4.1 rating on the play store with around 10,000,000+ installs. Offered by Pocket Aces Pictures Private Limited, the game was started in November 2017 by the former marketing lead at ed-tech startup Unacademy. The game instantly became a hit among young adults where multiple people
can win and share the prize money of Rs 12,500.

Loco invites users to play a quiz in real-time wherein the quiz takes place twice (1:30 pm and 10 pm) on weekdays, and once (10 pm)  on weekends. It comprises of a charismatic host that asks users 10 multiple choice questions, offers them ‘lives’ to come back into the game if they are eliminated, and rewards them with cash prizes that are credited in their Paytm accounts.


Money Earning Games in India

PokerBaazi is one of India’s number one online poker site. Offered by Baazi Networks Private Limited, the game has 2.7/5 ratings on the Apple play store. It offers cash games and tournament poker formats of no-limit hold them and pot-limit Omaha. Cash games are available in six-max and nine-handed formats, while tournaments are available in a wide range of buy-in levels.

PokerBaazi requires a sharp and focused brain as the game uses several core aspects of Mathematical, Psychological, and Strategic Analysis. Players have to make the best card combination out of the ones dealt with them as not all cards hold the same priority. This simple nerve-wracking gaming activity provides lots of fun and exhilaration.

It comprises Hole Cards where two random face-down cards dealt with each player on a table and Community Cards where five cards put face-up on the game table. Players use them to make their respective card combinations. A player strives to make a winning card combination using his two Hole Cards and a fixed number of Community Cards to make the best five-card combination.

9. Qureka

Money Earning Games in India

Qureka has around 10,000,000+ installs and is offered by CoolBoots Media. It has ratings of 4.2/5 on the play store. An online gaming option, Qureka boosts your brain cells by playing Daily live quiz shows. These games are free of cost and come with amazing daily cash prizes.

Qureka also offers to play an hourly quiz to win more exciting prizes. Currently, they have 6 fun games. It features multiple brain games like Bubble Shooter, Candy Slash, Fruit Slash, Don’t Crash, Box Tower, Earth Hero that helps you test multiple things like your mental awareness, your hand, and eye coordination.

Qureka also allows you to play quiz every 30 mins from 9 AM to 9 PM and win up to Rs.60,000 daily. These quizzes are asked from History, Science, Trending, General Knowledge, Cricket, Technology, Business, Sports, Food, Art, Culture, Politics, Music, Films, TV, Mythology, Movies, Nature, Geography, Literature, Celebs, World & Social backgrounds.

10. Paytm First Games

Money Earning Games in India

Paytm First Games which is offered by GamePind has around 1,000,000+ installs. The game has 3.7 ratings on the play store and is the perfect place for game lovers to enter a world of trivia and entertainment. The game offers an easy interface which makes it fun to play.

Paytm First Games features a huge collection of games like Tic Tac Toe, Jumps, Ludo to name a few. Its Casual Games section comprises Cut the Rope, Badland, Tom & Jerry Mouse Maze to name a few. It has a total of 300 games. However, one must also note that some of the prizes are worth more than Rs 10,000 and are ultimately subjected to Income Tax rules. One of the plus points about this game is that any virtual coins, cash, gold, gems and diamonds, points, etc. that you earn cannot be converted into real cash. In short, you can have all the fun hassle-free.

These are the top 10 best money-earning online games in India that are engrossing and fun to play. Which one of these is your favorite?