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Best Drift Cars In GTA V (November 2022)

Looking for the Best Drift Cars in GTA V? This guide contains the 5 best of the cars.

Drifting is a skill not everyone can master, but the person who masters it has got all the advantages. Sliding through the streets you can escape obstacles without lowering your speed. Drifts can you give you a good advantage in street races and on the streets to avoid obstacles. Here is the list of best drift cars in GTA V for you to test and improve your drifting skills.

Best Drift Cars in GTA V

In this list are mentioned the Top 5 Best cars for drift in GTA V.

Bravado Banshee 900R

banshee 900r

One of the best and most preferable drift cars in GTA V is Banshee 900R. This car has excellent mid-drive boost. The power derived from the mid-drive boost enables you to drift this car at low speeds as well as at high speeds. Banshee 900R can drift wherever you want to because of its sliding. If you know how to drift properly, you can do top-tier drifts with this car. One thing about this car is that it is quite difficult to master. Immense practice and consistent dedication is what you need to master this car, but once you make it there’s no regret.

Annis Euros

annis euros

On the number two spot, parks Annis Euros. This car has great fluid motion which allows you to make high speed drifts. But you need to learn throttle control as it has too much oversteer. If you fail to control it at the correct moment, you might as well swirl and spin out of control. It has a considerable mid-drive boost but in most cases you wouldn’t need it as it already overpowered.

Benefactor Schwartzer

benefactor schwartzer

Benefactor Schwartzer is one of the higher leagues of cars. As if it was built for amateur players to practice and polish their drifting skills. It has good mid-drive boost which allows you to make high speed drifts and hence this car bags a place in the list of drift cars in GTA V. Schwartzer’s one advantage is that it can drift continuously for a while, but be cautious it can spiral out of control if you don’t use the throttle control. Considering the fact that it doesn’t have low grip tires, Schwartzer drifts amazingly.

Karin Futo

karin futo gta v

Karin Futo is down at number four spot as it is good for beginners. It is easy to control and beginners can practice their drifting skills to near perfect. This car is good for track drifting, so if you’re in a street race, this car will not let you down. Karin Futo can be a tad unstable but if you use the mid-drive boost along this car can do quite effective. Although this car doesn’t have low grip tires, this car had to be in the list of best drift cars.

Vulcar Warrener HKR

warrener hkr drift

Vulcan Warrener HKR drops in at number 5 because even this car is good for beginners. It is comparatively slower in speed but manages well enough when mid-drive boost is applied. This car has low grip tires. Warrener HKR is a good car to get a hang of drifts as it has better fluid motion. It is preferred mostly for city drifts.

This was the list of Best Drift cars in GTA V. Hopefully, this article was helpful to you. While you’re here, you can check out how to fix FiveM Error in GTA V and how to download GTA V on Mobile.