Best DPS Class In Diablo Immortal

here's everything you need to know about the best DPS Class in Diablo Immortal.

As we all know, Diablo Immortal is a mobile RPG, that is free to download for Android and iOS devices. This game is published by Blizzard Entertainment and is a part of the popular Diablo series. As the game is new with all new features and characters, you might need a helping hand to know more about the game. And in order to give you a kick start, here we’re with all the best DPS class in Diablo Immortal.

Which Are The Best DPS Classes in Diablo Immortal?

If you’re a fan of the Diablo series and want a kick start for the new Diablo Immortal game, then here’s a list of all the best DPS classes in the game.

Demon Hunter

demon hunter class diablo immortal

Demon Hunters are the best DPS class in Diablo Immortal. This class is best at targeting a single enemy. They usually focus on their ranged attacks that do an incredible amount of damage. With the help of these powerful ranged attacks, they try to keep themselves safe from a distance.

As per their drawbacks, Demon Hunters are pretty fragile, so try to stay back and attack from a distance.


crusader class diablo immortal

Crusaders are one of the best and the strongest DPS class in Diablo Immortal. It is a melee-based class with its AoE attacks and has a lot more to offer. We can consider Crusaders as the best DPS class because of their tank hits and ability to deal damage. They don’t stop at that, they also provide buffs to their allies in difficult situations. If you’re thinking of going solo in the game, then Crusader might just be the right one for you.

As per their drawbacks, they suffer through some longer than usual cooldown time.


barbarian class diablo immortal

Barbarian classes also have great attacking capabilities especially because of their AOE attacks. They are a melee-based class and also very tough warriors. They truly believe in delivering as much as damage they can, to the enemies. These close hits make them an easy target, which affects their damage-dealing capabilities. However, if you’re a newbie, then the barbarian class can just be perfect for you.

These are all the best DPS classes in Diablo Immortal. If you want to know more about the game and how to Transfer Essence in it, then we’ve got you covered.