Diablo Immortal Essence Transfer Guide

Use Essence Transfer to utilize legendary items

Diablo Immortal has been released after a long wait and is the first mobile-friendly title in the franchise. Since the game’s release, players have been familiarizing themselves with the game mechanics. Essence Transfer is one such feature in Diablo Immortal through which players can use their legendary gear and transfer its powers.

How To Activate Essence Transfer In Diablo Immortal?


It is easy unlocking the Essence Transfer in Diablo Immortal once players understand the basic concept. To accomplish this, players will need to have two legendary items in their inventory. These items need to be of the same type.

Once players have the items, they need to give Zamina a visit. Zamina is a vendor NPC who can be found in Westmarch directly opposite the Rakkis Plaza Waypoint. This NPC will allow players to extract and inherit the power from their legendary item.

How To Extract Essence?

Players can extract as many legendary items as they like with Zamina as long as they have the Gold to pay for the extraction. When players revisit the vendor for extraction, their previously extracted items will show up in gold. These items can be destroyed to get glowing shards. Players might want to stock up on this item as it is quite useful with the Vendor.

If there is an item in the list that players can extract, it will show up below the item entry.


How To Inherit Essence?

After extracting a legendary item, players  can inherit the essence of the item and move it to another item of the same type. This is done the same way as the extraction. Players need to visit Zamina to inherit from items. Once an item has inherited the essence of a legendary item, it’s name, appearance and abilities will reflect those of the legendary item.

This is how players can unlock Essence Transfer to extract and inherit Essence in Diablo Immortal. For