Arena Breakout: Best Body Armor Tier List

Here is a guide with the best body armor tier list in Arena Breakout.

Just like weapons and guns, body armor is also pretty important in shooting battle games. In Arena Breakout, the game has variations of body armor and there are some of the best ones among them. We have created a tier list to help you decide better so you can save some Keon on the ones that are not up to the mark.

Best Body Armor Tier List in Arena Breakout

best armor arena breakout

In Arena Breakout, which armor is the best can be classified through its durability and the areas they cover. The whole point of body armor is to protect you. If it isn’t durable enough, then you shouldn’t equip or purchase it. Following is the list of the best body armor that you can opt for.

Armor Durability Tier
6B45 Heavy Body Armor 120 S+
KN Composite Body Armor 110 S+
Marshal Heavy Body Armor 115 S+
BT101 Tactical Body Armor 100 S+
BT1201 Full Body Armor 125 S+
926 Composite Body Armor 70 S
Defender M4 Heavy Body Armor 80 S
Defender L4 Heavy Body Armor Officer Camo 80 S
IMTV Samurai Offensive Body Armor 80 S
H-L-C Tactical Body Armor 70 S
IMTV Samurai Standard Body Armor 70 S
IMTV Samurai Full Protection Body Armor 90 S
BT6 Heavy Body Armor 90 S
6B23 Body Armor 70 S
6B13 Body Armor 65 A
IND401 Body Armor 55 A
SEK Fortress Body Armor 50 A
Spartan B Body Armor 50 A

Besides these, there are other body armors, that do not have high durability and are not recommended. The best body armor gets sold from approximately, 200000 Koen to 28000 Koen. They protect the majority of the areas on the upper body of the soldiers. They are also made of materials like steel, aluminum, titanium, ceramic and more.

This was all on the best armors in Arena Breakout. If you found this article helpful, you can also check out the best loot spots in and best weapons tier list in Arena Breakout.