Best Loot Spots In Arena Breakout CBT

You have come to the right spot to know the best loot areas in Arena Breakout.

The main element in games like Arena Breakout is that they have spots that are best for collecting loot which helps players in various ways. Loot is both placed by developers at particular spots as well as the ones dropped by enemies. Before starting your mission or battle you may want to visit these locations to collect the best loot out there.

Best Loot Areas in Arena Breakout

loot locations in arena breakout

Some of the best loot locations in the map of Arena Breakout are available in the given regions –

  1. Farm
  2. Armory
  3. Valley
  4. Northridge

These are the currently available locations on the map of the game. Below Farm, we have mentioned some of the best spots where you can get loot from like –

  • North Wheatfield: You can also find toolboxes at the warehouse to the east.
  • Produce Trading Post: The Trading Center and Stables also are useful with electronics and grenade boxes that are available in these locations.
  • Loading Areas:  Along with a crashed helicopter and Airdrop tank in the Loading Area.
  • Motel & Stables: There are Boss spawns available in Motels, Stables, and Loading Area.

Farm is also the first map that players get access to. It is not a complicated area and you can spawn for loot pretty easily there. There are also high chances of coming across the enemy as Farm is a popular location on the map. The maps are large in the game and not every spot has the best loot available. Some areas have a lot scattered around and are very scarce.

As of now, the game hasn’t launched the other locations properly. This is why we can make the best use of Farm for loot. With that, we come to the end of this article. If you found this article on best loot spots helpful, then you can also check out the best settings tips and tricks in Arena Breakout.