How To Get Vigil In Arknights (Requirements)

Not sure how you can get Vigil in Arknights? Then, here's all you need to know.

Just like you many Arknights players are eager to unlock Vigil Operator. That’s because this character is 6 Star Tactician Vanguard who is good for Ranged Position. And furthermore specializes in DP recovery and Crowd Control. However, not many players are impressed by its stats and skills, but his looks surely make Vigil a must-have Operator. As a downside unlocking him is not that easy and requires grind. But if you’re up for a challenge then we’ll walk you through the requirements to get Vigil in the game.

How to Unlock Vigil Operator in Arknights

How to Unlock Vigil Operator in Arknights requirements
Source Image: YoungRyo

In Arknights, to unlock Vigil you’ll have to acquire the Vigil’s Folder. This folder is obtained by completing the Azione Solo roles and tasks in the IL Siracusano event. Azione Solo is a special part of the event which is only accessible after you have cleared the IS-1 stage. After fulfilling the requirements simply complete the missions by playing Cellinia Texas and you’ll be good to go. Players must know that this is a limited-time event that was released to celebrate the Arknights CN’s 3.5th Anniversary.

If you’ve missed the event then Rerun and Record Restoration is the only other way to unlock Vigil. And if you somehow managed to get this then his potential can be only improved via the same Folder item. As no Class Tokens can be used to improve his Potential. If you think this 6-star Operator is worth the hassle, then you must not hesitate to grind. For your reference below we have mentioned the Vigil Base stats so you can decide if he is worth unlocking or not.

  • Health – 785
  • Defence – 54
  • Attack – 195
  • Resistance – 0
  • DP cost – 15
  • Block Count – 1
  • Redeployment time – 70 seconds

That is all about how you can unlock Vigil and his base stats in Arknights. If you haven’t got your hands on Lumen, then check out how to get him. Also, take a look at the best ways to increase Operator’s Trust.