Animal Crossing Sanrio Amiibo Cards – Pre-Order, Price & Other Details

Here are complete details about the return of Sanrio Amiibo cards in Animal Crossing with 1.9 updates.

The education simulation Animal Crossing has become the most popular video game since its initial release in March 2020. To celebrate the first anniversary, the developers have rolled out the March Sanrio Update on March 18, 2021. The 1.9 version of the game introduces new fascinating features and visual modifications in the game.

The Animal Crossing: New Horizons (ACNH) patch notes include an interesting addition to Sanrio Amiibo cards that piqued our interest. Hence this guide revolves around it providing you with all the necessary details and specifications. Keep scrolling!

Animal Crossing Sanrio Amiibo CardsAnimal-Crossing-Sanrio-Amiibo-Cards

The developers are making constant efforts to keep the craze for the game going by frequently integrating new contents in the game. Sanrio March update 1.9 of the never-ending open-world experience introduces a set of Amiibo cards in Animal Crossing. The set contains 6 cards each associated with Sanrio characters the Rila, Chai, Marty, Étoile, Chai, Chelsea, and Toby. When you purchase these cards each character visits your island as a villager each with its own home and special items.

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The authorized reprint will be published internationally in a few weeks. You’ll be ecstatic to find that the Sanrio Amiibo cards in Animal Crossing are coming back into fashion for the first time following their original release several years ago. Also, these cards will be made available to the North American players for the first time. The fun aspect of these cards is that they are influenced by Sanrio properties such as Hello Kitty, Little Twin Stars, My Melody, and others.

Release DateAnimal-Crossing-Sanrio-Amiibo-Cards

The Sanrio Amiibo cards in Animal Crossing are planned to be unveiled worldwide on March 26th, 2021. The Animal Crossing Sanrio Collaboration Pack Horizons features all six Sanrio amiibo cards that you’ve been longing for.


As the release date for Animal Crossing Sanrio Amiibo cards looms, several retailers around the world have begun taking pre-orders. However, pre-orders are only active in a few countries, the specifics of which are provided below country-wise.

Unites States

There’s no information for pre-orders in the United States. But Nintendo of America announced that the Animal Crossing Sanrio Collaboration Pack will be sold for $5.99 at Target stores throughout the United States from 26th March 2021.


Best Buy and Amazon recently made pre-orders open for Animal Crossing Sanrio Amiibo cards In Canada for 15 minutes for $6.99. All the cards sold out immediately.


Nintendo of Europe announced that the Animal Crossing Sanrio Amiibo cards in Europe and UK will be made available at the end of March with the below retailers:

  • Game Mania (the Netherlands, sold out)
  • FNAC (France, sold out)

Note: It is reported that the retailer FNAC canceled a vast number of orders after reportedly overselling their quota.


In Australia, the pre-orders for the Animal Crossing Sanrio Amiibo cards was live at $9.99 per pack at the following retailers,

  • EB Games Australia (sold out)
  • The Gamesmen (sold out)
  • Amazon Australia (sold out)

Third-Party Alternatives

You may not be lucky to get your hands on the Animal Crossing Sanrio Amiibo cards reason being out of stock or unavailability in your country. In such instances, you may consider buying 3rd party or custom Amiibo cards available online.

These cards are not made by Nintendo and are technically dubious substitutes. The chips similar to the original cards are embedded in these third-party Amiibo cards, making them as usable as the official ones and enabling you to access Sanrio material. This is not a recommended choice, but if you just want to give it a whirl, the choice is up to you.

Villagers ListAnimal-Crossing-Sanrio-Amiibo-Cards

This is the ultimate list of Animal Crossing Sanrio cards villagers:

Name Villager Personality Inspiration
Rilla Gorrila Peppy Hello Kitty
Marty Cub Lazy Pompompurin
Étoile Sheep Normal Little Twin Stars
Chai Elephant Peppy Cinnamoroll
Chelsea Deer Normal My Melody
Toby Rabbit Smug Kerokerokeroppi

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Furniture & Clothing List

Every villager in the game boasts themed furniture and special outfits to match their house’s interiors. Here’s a complete list of Animal Crossing Sanrio Cards furniture and clothing list.

1. Rilla- Hello KittyAnimal-Crossing-Sanrio-Amiibo-Cards

Furniture Clothing
Hello Kitty Bed Hello Kitty Hat
Hello Kitty Chair Hello Kitty Tee
Hello Kitty Clock Hello Kitty Dress
Hello Kitty Dresser Hello Kitty Shoes
Hello Kitty Planter
Hello Kitty Table
Hello Kitty Wall
Hello Kitty Flooring
Hello Kitty Rug
Hello Kitty Poster
Rilla’s Poster


2. Marty – PompompurinAnimal-Crossing-Sanrio-Amiibo-Cards

Furniture Clothing
Pompompurin Bed Pompompurin Hat
Pompompurin Chair Pompompurin Tee
Pompompurin Pudding Pompompurin Outfit
Pompompurin Rack Pompompurin Boots
Pompompurin Table
Pompompurin TV
Pompompurin Wall
Pompompurin Flooring
Pompompurin Rug
Pompompurin Poster
Marty’s Poster


3. Étoile – Little Twin StarsAnimal-Crossing-Sanrio-Amiibo-Cards

Furniture Clothing
Kiki & Lala Bed Kiki & Lala Wand
Kiki & Lala Clock Kiki & Lala Pin
Kiki & Lala Cloud Maker Kiki & Lala Tee
Kiki & Lala Sofa Kiki & Lala Dress
Kiki & Lala Table Kiki & Lala Shoes
Kiki & Lala Wall Kiki & Lala Socks
Kiki & Lala Flooring
Kiki & Lala Rug
Kiki & Lala Poster
Étoile’s Poster


4. Chai – CinnamorollAnimal-Crossing-Sanrio-Amiibo-Cards

Furniture Clothing
Cinnamoroll Parasol Cinnamoroll Hat
Cinnamoroll Singage Cinnamoroll Jacket
Cinnamoroll Sofa Cinnamoroll Puffy Blouse
Cinnamoroll Stool Cinnamoroll Sneakers
Cinnamoroll Table
Cinnamoroll Tray
Cinnamoroll Wall
Cinnamoroll Flooring
Cinnamoroll Rug
Cinnamoroll Poster
Chai’s Poster


5. Chelsea – My Melody Animal-Crossing-Sanrio-Amiibo-Cards

Furniture Clothing
My Melody Bed My Melody Hood
My Melody Chair My Melody Shirt
My Melody Clock My Melody Dress
My Melody Dresser My Melody Boots
My Melody Table
My Melody Wall
My Melody Flooring
My Melody Rug
My Melody Poster
Chelsea’s Poster


6. Toby – KerokerokeroppiAnimal-Crossing-Sanrio-Amiibo-Cards

Furniture Clothing
Kerokerokeroppi Bridge Kerokerokeroppi Pin
Kerokerokeroppi Doll Kerokerokeroppi Tank Top
Kerokerokeroppi Hallway Kerokerokeroppi Outfit
Kerokerokeroppi Lantern Kerokerokeroppi Boots
Kerokerokeroppi Snack Kerokerokeroppi Socks
Kerokerokeroppi Tray
Kerokerokeroppi Wall
Kerokerokeroppi Flooring
Kerokerokeroppi Rug
Kerokerokeroppi Poster
Toby’s Poster


How To Unlock Sanrio Villagers & Items?Animal-Crossing-Sanrio-Amiibo-Cards

To invite villagers and order associated furniture and clothing in Animal Crossing simply scan the Sanrio Amiibo cards on your Nintendo Switch. Each unlocking corresponds to the six different cards.

You can scan the cards at Noot Stop Terminal with Invite Amiibo Camper in Resident Service or at the Photopia on Harvey’s Island. After unlocking, you can purchase the items via the Promotion tab in Nook Shopping at any given period for Bells. However, you can unlock only 5 items daily.

To invite Sanrio villagers to your island permanently go to the campsite once the cards are scanned and astonish them by crafting items in three days.

That’s our comprehensive guide on Animal Crossing Sanrio Amiibo cards. Hope you found it useful!