Animal Crossing Patch Notes – First Anniversary March Sanrio Update 1.9

Just today, the March Sanrio Update 1.9 has been released. Here is a compilation of Animal Crossing: New Horizon patch notes that will tempt you to try the new features right away.

The open-world adventure Animal Crossing is the most relaxing game even for adults as it offers never-ending pleasant gaming mechanisms. If you are also an addictive fan of this education simulation game then here’s good news for you! The most awaited version of the Animal Crossing: New Horizons (ACNH) finally rolled out today i.e. on 18th March 2021 with the March Sanrio Update 1.9.

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Keep follow the article till the end and access not only Animal Crossing patch notes but also know about the other changes incorporated with the March Sanrio version 1.9.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons (ACNH) Version 1.9.0

The Animal Crossing: New Horizons debuted just last year on 20th March 2020 and came as a blessing to the distressed by offering them a break with its calming gameplay. The title managed to entice not just teenagers but even adults hooking them for endless hours. To celebrate the success of the game and mark its first anniversary developers Katsuya Eguchi and Hisashi Nogami unveiled the new version 1.9 with the March Sanrio Update.

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The 1.9 version of this life simulation title brings along many hotfixes, improvements, adorable additions to the Sanrio villagers roster, and associated items. Besides, some graphical tweaks are also implemented to custom design experiences such as extra slots, brand new NookPhone application, and more intuitive designs.

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Before we jump to the Animal Crossing patch notes do note that one of the major bug fixes is being implemented in the new edition which is explained below:

Quite a popular glitch has been removed that enabled you to plant nature’s gift on stone pathways with Imagine feature while positioning a building. This may come as bad news to many but you must look forwards to the amazing functionalities in store for you.

Animal Crossing Patch Notes(March 2021)Animal Crossing patch Notes

The official patch notes for the Animal Crossing March Sanrio Updates are outlined below:

1. Seasonal event (Easter) updated.

2. New support added for amiibo card [Sanrio Characters Collaboration].

3. The following new mileage redemption items were added to Tanuport.

  • My Design PRO Editor + (App that increases your my design storage frame and new patterns)
  • My Design Showcase (App that lets you access the showcase from the My Design app)

4. Seasonal raccoon shopping items introduced

5. 1st Anniversary Cake – After installing the new update 1st-anniversary cake is sent to your in-game mail by Nook Inc.

6. Sanrio Sweetness – New Animal Crossing Sanrio Collaboration pack will be made available to purchase on 26th March 2021 at Target stores across the U.S. for $5.99. The pack features 6 colourful amiibo cards to lure adorable Animal Crossing residents built upon Sanrio characters to your island. These characters include Rita, Chai, and Toby.

7. Nintendo Switch Online subscription privilege item introduced.Animal-Crossing-patch-Notes

Animal Crossing Bug Fixes

  • The error in version 1.4 has been resolved. Many players reported that transformations remained unreleased despite the objects were scooped up and replaced with the stick once the pocket was loaded while transforming the stick.
  • Some irritating glitches and bugs are removed for smoother gameplay.

Please Note: If you desire to play the game in online multiplayer mode with new features then you need to update the Animal Crossing to the 1.9 updates.

Also, the Animal Crossing: New Horizons March Sanrio 1.9 Update is released on Nintendo Switch.

That’s all on Animal Crossing patch notes. Check other Animal Crossing articles here.