Alice Fiction Team Hunt Guide: How To Join And Rewards

Players can get great rewards for succeeding in Team Hunts.

Team Hunt is a game mode in Alice Fiction where players join a team to take down difficult bosses. If you are wondering how to play this mode and what rewards you can get for succeeding at it, you are in the right place. In this guide, we will explain how to join a Team and the rewards you can get for winning in a Team Hunt.

How To Join A Team Hunt In Alice Fiction?


To join a Team Hunt, you must first join a Team. Unless you are part of a Team, it will be impossible for you to participate in a Team Hunt. Once you have successfully joined a team, you can spend Energy to earn Team Hunt Attempts. To join a Team Hunt once you have completed all the requirements, follow the steps given below.

  • Click on the Team Hunt option on the right-side. It is located above the Quests option.
  • Now, your team must decide upon a Boss to attempt. Once the team has decided upon a Boss, you can select them through the Team Hunt option.

Rewards For Team Hunt

There are multiple types of rewards in Team Hunt. You will receive x2,000 Team Medals, x15,00 Quartz, a Special Commemorative Icon, and Alice Fiction Team Hunt Commemorative Icons as rewards after you complete a Team Hunt and get a Hunt Ranking. In addition, you will get Vanquish Rewards if your Team ends up defeating a boss. However, the rewards depend on the difficulty level of the boss. You can also get Boss Rewards to use an Attempt to challenge a Boss. Lastly, you will be rewarded with Quartz and Team Medals if your Team goes up in the Hunt Ranking.

This is all about Team Hunts in Alice Fiction and their rewards. For more Alice Fiction guides, check out How To Progress Daily In Alice Fiction?