Alice Fiction: How To Progress Daily

Progress faster by prioritizing these tasks in Alice Fiction

Alice Fiction is a Puzzle RPG where you can make daily progress by doing a number of activities. These activities can reward players with Quartz, Credits, or Folklore. However, some tasks yield better rewards that other. In this guide, we will list all the best tasks to target daily in the game.

How To Progress Daily In Alice Fiction?


There are a number of tasks you should prioritize when logging into the game. These tasks will give you EXP, Credits, Quartz, or Folklore and move you ahead in the game. In addition, you should also focus on upgrading and Ascension to have stronger characters. Let us take a look at the Daily tasks you should do in Alice Fiction below.

Draw Gachas

You have the option of drawing a Free Gacha everyday. This will reward you with a Folklore. Moreover, you can also draw up to ten Expansion items from the regular Gacha everyday. To maximize your progress, ensure that you utilize both these Gacha draws and get the optimal rewards.

Finish Missions

You can also complete Missions daily and receive rewards like Credits, Quartz, EXP, and Energy. This is valid for all types of Missions in the game. If you haven’t completed the Newbie Missions, you might want to prioritize completing the set as these missions can give great rewards.

Upgrade Folklore

Another task that you should focus on daily is upgrading your Folklore in Alice Fiction. This can be done by leveling them up, increasing their Grade or Rarity. Alternatively, you can also choose to level up specific skill. If you have enough resources, you can also choose to Optimize your Folklore. This will upgrade their skills, grade, and level.

Resource Quests

To progress through the game, you will need Resources like EXP and Credits. To get these Resources, you can complete Resource Quests. These Quests give rewards like Battle Records, EXP, or Credits depending on the Quest you choose.

Collect Anima Medals

Anima Medals can give you Anima which can be used to increase your Folklore’s rarity. These can be obtained by pulling duplicate Folklore in the Gacha draw. You can trade Underground, Arena, or, Team Medals in the Exchange menu to get Anima. You can also attempt Hard Quests to get Anima in the game.

Explore The Underground

Underground Zones can be quite challenging. However, you can get Credits and Underground Medals for venturing into them. These resources can come in quite handy so be sure to stock them.

Team Items

You can also collect Contribution Points daily by delivering items to your Team. These points can be used to improve your Hack stats. They can also be traded for Team Medals.

These are the tasks you should do daily to progress faster in Alice Fiction. For more Alice Fiction guides, check out How To Get Quartz Fast In Alice Fiction?