Best Settings For Alice Fiction And How To Change Them

Find out all about Alice Fiction settings inside.

Alice Fiction is a puzzle RPG that is free to play. While the game isn’t demanding in terms of device requirements, you might still want to tweak your settings to get the best performance possible. In this guide, we will discuss the best settings for Alice Fiction and how to change them in the game.

What Are The Best Settings For Alice Fiction?


The best settings for Alice Fiction usually depend on the kind of device you have. While newer mobile devices can sustain high performance and give you optimal performance with the best graphics, older devices may face some trouble doing so. Depending on your device you can choose between low, medium, or high performance for Alice Fiction. High performance will give you the best graphics but can slow your device down. It can also slow down your frame rate. So, depending on what you want out of your gaming experience, you can set the game’s performance settings by following the instructions given below.

  • Go to the Configure Menu.
  • Under the System option select the performance from Low, Medium, or High.
  • Save your selection and enjoy your chosen settings.

Most default settings work well and do not need to be disturbed unless you are looking to make some specific adjustments. You can also adjust Sound settings like volume, background music, or effects from the volume tab. In addition, you can also choose to mute the volume altogether from this option.

Constant notifications about the game can be quite annoying. You can choose to turn these off altogether from the Notification tab in the Configuration menu. Alternatively, you can also choose to turn off night notifications. By doing this, you will not be bothered from midnight to 7 a.m.

It is recommended that you use the built-in Game Booster on your device. This can maximize memory  and processor performance to give you a better performance. Older versions of mobiles might not offer this feature.

How To Change Settings For Alice Fiction?

You can follow the steps given below to change the settings for Alice Fiction.

  • Go to the Main Menu of Alice Fiction.
  • Select the Configure option.
  • Change the settings and save your selection once you are done.

This is everything about the best settings for Alice Fiction and how to change them. For more Alice Fiction guides, check out How To Upgrade A Character In Alice Fiction?