Alice Fiction: Character Upgrade Guide

Confused about whether to level up, ascend, or upgrade the skills for your character?

There is a large roster of characters available for players in Alice Fiction. However, every character has its unique positive and negative points. At the end of the day, you can not upgrade every character you have in Alice Fiction. You need to be selective about how to use your resources and maximize their output. To help you in this regard, we have compiled this Alice Fiction Character Upgrade guide.

Alice Fiction: How To Upgrade A Character?


Unless you want to spend real money in the game, there are only limited resources in the game that must be used for Character Upgrades. To help you make the best of them, we have created a priority list to highlight which actions to target first in Alice Fiction. The following actions are listed in order of priority.

Raise Hero Grade And Expand

The first thing you need to prioritize to upgrade your character in Alice Fiction is raising their grade and expanding. Raising the grade will also unlock new skills which is a big plus. You can use Expansion Items to raise the character grade and expand.

Upgrade Skills

Unlocking new skills is not enough as you also need to level them up. You can use Credits to upgrade skills in the game. However, it is best to plan out the skills that you want to upgrade beforehand. This will save you some Credits as you can skip skills that you do not use frequently. It is best to target the skills of the attackers and supporters of your team.

Leveling Up

Another option you need to focus on is leveling up your Heroes. You will need EXP points to level up. These points can either be gained from clearing quests or be exchanged for battle records. You can level up by 5 if you clear quests with your Heroes.


The last option to upgrade your character is by upgrading their rarity through Ascension. This would require Anima to accomplish. You can get Anima in exchange for Anima Medals. To know how to get Anima Medals, check out How To Get Anima Medals In Alice Fiction?

Since Anima can be hard to get in Alice Fiction, this method is low on the priority list. You can Ascend the characters that you use fairly regularly but it is not the go to method for Character Upgrade.

This is all about character upgrade in Alice Fiction. For more Alice Fiction guides, check out Alice Fiction: How To Play Underground Mode?