Alchemy Stars Team Building Guide (2022)

Players can choose from variety of characters in Alchemy Stars. Here's a team building guide to help you make the best team in Alchemy Stars.

Alchemy Stars is the latest entry in the real-time strategy genre and it has already started to rake in players. Even though the structure of Alchemy Stars is like most strategy games it has some unique features of its own. With so many characters and their unique features, there are a lot of ways of building a team. Here’s a guide that will help you build the best team in Alchemy stars.

How To Build The Best Team In Alchemy Stars

alchemy stars team

  • Mono teams are the safest choice while building your team. A team where all the characters have the same elemental abilities is called a Mono team.
  • Your team will also have a captain and it can have elemental abilities different from the rest of the team as well. The captain can attack any tile so you should choose it wisely. In case you are up against a fire-based team try having a Captain with water powers or a Captain with thunder powers against a water team.
  • Players should have a tile-converter on their team. Tile converters will change all 4 immediate tiles to the colors of your team. This will be very helpful as characters can only attack through tiles matching the color of their elemental powers for eg: The thunder team can only attack through yellow tiles. In this case, the Tile converter will change all the immediate tiles to yellow.
  • Another character you should have on your team is a Healer. As the name suggests the healer will rejuvenate every team member’s health from a distance. Some healers also dish attacks but we would recommend you to choose one only based on healing abilities. Healers will also help you get 3 stars as many quests have HP requirements as well.
  • Snipers are another crucial asset to your team. Sniper will help you wipe out mini-bosses from a distance which will clear your path to the main boss. Not only mini-bosses but just the ability to attack from a distance is something you should have on your team.
  • Teleporter is also a must-have in your team as they will help you move around the map better. There will be instances when you will be trapped in a corner of the map, which is when Teleporter will come in handy.
  • You will get only 5 slots out of which only one can be a 6-star character, two of them can be 5-star characters and the rest can be 4-star or 3-star characters. We would advise you to make the 6-star character your captain.
  • While crafting your team be careful to include at least one of every type but don’t overstuff as well. Sometimes you can skip any type to have a sniper if you want to all aggressive r an extra healer or Tile converter if you want to go defensive.

Team Compositions For Alchemy Stars

Here are some team builds you can use in the game

Fire Based Team

  • Brock
  • Charon for Tile conversion
  • Pepi For Teleportation
  • Istvan
  • Uriel For Tile Conversion

Forest-Based Team

  • Gabriel for Tile conversion
  • Hiiro for Tile conversion
  • Sylva
  • Uriah as Healer

Thunder Based Team

  • Gronru for Tile conversion
  • Nadine
  • Nemesis for Tile conversion
  • Mia
  • Eho

The best team is a very subjective term but these pointers will get you close to that. Players should also know that the placement of the teammates also has a massive impact on the result.

Now that you know how to build the best team in Alchemy Stars, do check out our Alchemy stars Tier list to know what characters you should select.