Alchemy Stars: Everything About Jane And How To Get The Character?

Jane is a water based character in Alchemy stars. Let's see how to get Jane, all her skills and Jane's stats in Alchemy Stars.

Jane is a water base character in Alchemy stars, and just like all the other characters Jane also has some unique powers of her own. The character you choose matters a lot in Strategy RPG, and alchemy stars is no different. Let’s dig deeper and know everything about Jane and how to get Jane in Alchemy stars.

How To Get Jane In Alchemy Stars?

Players can get Jane by using the recruit button at the bottom right of their screen. The tricky part is you need a very good amount of Star flares to unlock Jane. The required number keeps changing depending on discounts, and with the 100 day event coming up makes it the best time to invest in Jane.

Jane’s Skills In Alchemy Stars

Final Spectator

This skill helps increase the damage of all Jane’s attacks by 150% and also consumes the lowest HP possible. After upgrading Jane to ascension 3 the skill will remove the cool down period as well, and along with the damage, Jane will also leave a Witness Mark at the enemy. Every witness mark increases the damage of all water element characters by 1% on the enemy.


Intercept is the chain combination skill of Jane that helps her dish out a combination attack. The 2 tiles nearest will get 155% damage, whereas the 8 tiles surrounding her will get 170% damage. This attack is most useful when enemies surround you as it helps take all of them down in one go.

Greedy Judgement

This skill helps by boosting all the other attacks of Jane. At the base level, Greedy judgment helps increase the damage of all skills by 10% for 15% of HP lost of the enemy, with every increase in level, the enemy HP lost percentage goes down, and at level 10 it goes to 6%.

All Stats of Jane In Alchemy Stars

  Attack Defense HP
Ascension Lvl 0 512/848 218/336 1415/2197
Ascension Lvl 1 953/1518 372/571 2471/3785
Ascension Lvl 2 1669/2202 625/813 4191/5429
Ascension Lvl 3 2424/2997 881/1083 6016/7348


This was everything you need to know about Jane in Alchemy stars.

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