Top 5 Best Healing Units In Alchemy Stars (December 2021)

Are you looking for the best healers in Alchemy Stars? If Yes, then here you go!

Alchemy star is a popular role-playing gacha game that has several units, characters, skills like healing units for players to choose from. There were hardly one or two healing units in the beginning. But developers have introduced many healing units that make it difficult for players to choose the best one.
Therefore to help you pick the best healing unit in Alchemy Stars here is a list of the top 5 best units in the game. Go through the list to know the attack, rarity, HP, defense skills, and many more things.

Alchemy Stars: List Of Top 5 Best Healing Units


alchemy stars best healing units

Louise is one of the best healer units in Alchemy Stars from the forest that has excellent skills.  It has amazing skills that will help you to trigger the combo chain 2 times in a row in Forest Aurorian ‘s chain.

Rarity 5 Star
Attack 2304
HP 6836
Defense 865


alchemy stars best healing units

Nadine is a captain of the Lumopolis Nightwatch Recruits. She is cool, calm, focused, and admired for treating everything seriously. She was introduced to the game in the month of February and is loved by all the players for her active skills.

Rarity 4 Star
Attack 2265
HP 6722
Defense 774


alchemy stars best healing units

Pact is a Forest Aurorian in Alchemy Stars. She is an honest and inflexible member of the True Order. She is one of the strongest healers who have a focused mind and often fall into arguments with others over her rigid thinking.

Rarity 5 Star
Attack 2280
HP 5953
Defense 750


alchemy stars best healing units

Philyshy is a Water Aurorean and can currently be purchased in the one-time New Reinforcement Kit bundle in Alchemy Stars.

Rarity 5 Star
Attack 2299
HP 7242
Defense 923


alchemy stars best healing units

Raphel is one of the best healing units in Alchemy Star as it’s a 6 star unit on the list. It has amazing active skills that convert tile and recover HP equal to 240% of its ATK.

Rarity 6 Star
Attack 2284
HP 6958
Defense 884

This is everything you need to know about the best healing units in Alchemy Stars. Check out another article to know everything about Jane in Alchemy Star.