Airdrops In Tarkov: Are Airdrops Permanent In Escape From Tarkov?

Players got to see airdrops in Tarkov on 30th December

Escape From Tarkov is a multiplayer first-person shooter that has a rapidly growing community. Game developers are keeping their players hooked with a constant stream of updates and new content. However, one thing that was consistently missing from Tarkov was Airdrops. While airdrops were a common discussion in the Escape From Tarkov community since its release, plans for them did not materialize until recently.

Players got to see airdrops in Tarkov on 30th December during raids. Their appearance seems to be quite random. Players have reported airdrops at the starting as well as the ending of the game. Currently, players can find Ammo, Armors, Assault Rifles, Backpacks, Medicine, and a lot more as part of the airdrop loot in Escape From Tarkov. The airdrops do not have any particular destination on the map. Anyone can loot the drop which comes in a 12X10 case. Airdrops make a loud noise that alters players to their presence similar to Battlegrounds.

Though players were delighted to get the EFT airdrops, a lot of them wondered if it was just a temporary element introduced for the New Year. Today, we will discuss if the Tarkov airdrops are just a temporary feature or if they are here to stay.

Escape From Tarkov EFT Airdrops

Airdrops In Escape From Tarkov: Are They Permanent?

Players are anxious to know the fate of airdrops in their favorite game. Are they here to stay? Are they just a festive addition? We will answer these questions for you. You will be glad to hear that Airdrops are going to be a permanent feature in EFT. Tarkov streamer Pestily confirmed this during his Twitch Livestream. According to the streamer, Battlestate Games CEO Nikita Buyanov confirmed to him that airdrops were going to be a mainstay in Escape From Tarkov going forward. Moreover, Nikita also confirmed that airdrops could be triggered by players as well during another Twitch Livestream with Klean.

This is great news for Tarkov players as they have waited for this addition ever since the game’s inception. Airdrops could also give a new lease of life to the game as they will add some much-needed excitement to raids.

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