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How To Activate Omnium Induction Plates In Tower Of Fantasy

Players can open the Omnium Induction Plates to earn rewards

Tower of Fantasy is a free-to-play action RPG where players can explore the vast open world and discover its secrets. One of the things that players can uncover during their time in Aida is the Omnium Induction Plates. Players can open these Omnium Induction Plates to earn rewards in Tower of Fantasy.

Here’s how players can do so in the game.

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How To Solve Omnium Pillar Induction Plates In Tower of Fantasy?


Players will need the Omnium Hand Cannon Relic to activate the Omnium Pillar Induction Plates in the game. The cannon will release a cylinder for about 30 seconds.  Players will need to fire the Hand Cannon at the middle of the Omnium Induction Plate. Once the cylinder forms completely, players will be rewarded with Nucleus. There are five Omnium Pillar Induction Plates in the main regions.

This Omnium Hand Cannon can work on floors, walls, or water. Players can reach some inaccessible terrains with its help. However, there are some pre-requirements that players must meet to get this item.

Players will be able to acquire the Hand Cannon after entering Ruin A-03 in the storyline. Moreover, it is quite helpful if players are at Level 18 or higher. This is not a mandatory requirement but it does make the process a lot faster.

The Omnium Induction Plates are uncommon structures in Tower of Fantasy and players will not find too many of them in the game. In addition, they are pretty well spread out so players will have to do a bit of exploring before they spot one. However, once players acquire the Omnium Hand Cannon, they can activate them easily.

That is all about the Omnium Pillar Induction Plates in this game and how to activate them. For more ToF guides, check out Tower Of Fantasy: Can You Play Solo (Explained)