AC Valhalla Sigrblot Festival: How To Help Braun Find The Pigs

Find out all the possible locations of pig in AC Valhalla.

Another quest from the Sigrblot Summer festival in AC Valhalla is Three Big Pigs is out for all the players. This mission will be active from July 29, 2021, to August 19, 2021. Braun is the main character of this activity. All you have to do is find Braun’s lost pigs.

Braun lives in the east of Ravensthorpe. Because of his bad drinking habits, he lost his pigs which he was supposed to sacrifice to the gods. Now he has realized his mistake and is trying to find his lost pigs from the crashed pig cart.

How to Find Location Of Crashed Pig Cart And All The Pig Locations in AC Valhalla?


First, find the crashed pig cart which you will find 60 meters from Braun’s place towards the north. Reach there and find the crashed pig card. You will find the footmarks of the pig heading towards the forest near it. Ask your raven to help you find the location of pigs inside the forest.

Use the button which you use to summon the mount to blow the Eivor’s whistle when you come across one of the pigs and they will automatically follow you to home.

The quest for this activity is to find three pigs who ran into the forest. You will find one of the first pig locations very soon as you enter the forest. The location of the other two pigs is a little away from the crashed pig cart. Look towards the furthest of the north from r Ravensthorpe. Get the first one first and then head looking for the rest.

Once you find all the three pigs, be careful of Wolves on your way back home. You will now be given the choice to choose which god you want to offer your sacrifice to. There are three gods Baldr, Thor, and Freyja. Give your best even if this activity does not guarantee any rewards.

That’s all about Three Big Pigs in AC Valhalla. Want to know about to complete The Feeding The Wolf in AC Valhalla.