AC Valhalla: How To Complete Feeding the Wolf Quest

Here is a guide on how to complete the feeding wolf mission in AC Valhalla.

AC Valhalla has come up with a new event In their summer festival. The name of the event is the Sigrblot festival. There is a quest called Feeding the Wolf. The event going to be available for all the players from July 29, 2021, to 19 August 2021.

During this event, Eivor will be collecting all the precious offerings from residents and sacrifices to offer to the gods. These offerings are very essential for The Siege of Paris Expansion indicating successful raids in Francia. The guide has all the details of the mission you are in search of.

How to start the ‘Feeding the Wolf’ quest in AC Valhalla?

The mission of Feeding the Wolf in Ac Valhalla starts with Thyra. Thyra is a Viking archer. All you have to do is try and talk to her. You will find her near the bonfire which is in the center of the festival area.

A lady with an orange scarf around her neck is Thyra. After chatting with Thyra, she will give you a quest that you have to complete.

How To Find And Reach To The Shrines?

feeding the Wolfs AC Valhalla

Shrines are located near the settlement’s waterfall which is right close to Seer’s hut. It’s in the northwest portion of Ravensthorpe. Once you reach there you will find letters of all the villagers for shrines. Read them and find the resident and prayers container.

Once you get the information about the resident and their prayer container pick one of them and bring it back to Thyra who will be waiting for you at the bonfire. There are three gods in the game — Thor, Freyja, and Baldr. In the next step, you will be asked to choose a god to who you would like to offer your offerings among these three.

Select your favorite god in Ac Valhalla and then you are on the final stage of the mission. There are105 festival tokens distributed in three different locations in Ravensthorpe.

Each location has around 35 tokens. Your final task is to go to these three locations and collect these tokens which are actually left by residents as a vote of thanks to Eivor for all his effort for them.

You can exchange these tokens with a sword at the seasonal shop but remember this is valid for a limited time only. Once you collect all the tokens your mission Feeding The Wolfs in Ac Valhalla will be completed.

That’s all for Feeding the Wolf Mission in AC Valhalla. If you find this article helpful then have a look at another article of AC Valhalla Sigrblot Festival.