AC Valhalla River Raid Key Locations – Full Tutorial

Here’s the exact location to find River Raids in AC Valhalla.

Assassin’s Creed Valhalla introduced the game mode that we all desired, “River Raids.” Well, we can now raid the town without them surfacing in the middle of the story quests. The biggest issue however is that the keys to the chest are not obvious like in Odin’s Vision.
Hence, if you are facing any difficulty accumulating these, let’s get started.

What Are River Raids?

River Raids in AC Valhalla arrived free for the ardent players with the update 1.012 unveiled on 16th February 2021. These are nothing but the 3 maps outlining all the possible locations that you can raid with the help of your Viking clan.

The distinct aspect about these maps is they can be unlocked only if you initiate a conversation with a character Vagn in your settlement. You must explore all the areas on the map with your crew and start raiding monasteries, farms, villages, and military encampments to score Foreign supplies for new building up-gradation and buying cosmetics for the character Vagn.

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These extra quests help you ignore the stress of the actual plot of the game and head towards the battle. There are new assets, glory, and loot promised for those who are bold enough to pursue it, with a cool collection of St. George themed weapons to introduce in your arsenal.

How To Start River Raids?

You can play River Raids in AC Valhalla only when the Eivor has settled in England with its crew. Also, to complete these challenging River Raids you must upgrade Eivor’s skills by moving a bit more ahead with the game’s arc.

Once you are confident enough to go ahead with River Raids, update AC Valhalla to the latest patch 1.102 for bringing in the new character Vagn in your settlement beside the old dork. You can easily identify him with a new quest icon on the map.

You can find him at the South East of Ravensthorpe near the river talking with Sunniva. Vagn with his crew makes a mighty clan and requires some friends to share achievements with. Complete the introductory test with him to reach the ropes. Also, you are supposed to build an extra barrack for your River Raiding crew.

How Does River Raids Functions?

You will start the mission by accessing two rivers namely River Exe and River Severn. Next start sailing with 8 Vikings and target each settlement that you run into by the rivers. Do not forget to snatch their resources as you wipe them away.

You will raid three settlements as mentioned earlier, River Raids features 3 maps namely,

Civilian Locations

This is where you will get the rations stored in big chests for your fellow raiders to heal from any damage. Since, if they aren’t treated or healed with your rations, they will return to the Ravensthorpe and will remain unavailable for the rest of the current raid.

Military Locations

Quite hard to raid but is worth the rewards. Grab crafting supplies, unique foreign supplies, and most importantly new armor sets.

Monastery Locations

Raiding this place helps you acquire books of knowledge, river maps clue, foreign supplies, and more. Here you’ll find two river map clues that will help you explore the River Dee and complete the Saint George set of equipment. These clues are described below.

1. River Exe River Map ClueAC-Valhalla-River-Raid-Key-LocationsFind this clue at the Escanceaster Monastery, in the eastern part of the map. To get your hands on this you will have to break the glass window and enter the chapel.2. River Severn River Map ClueAC-Valhalla-River-Raid-Key-Locations-(1)

For this clue, head to the Northern Monastery in the northeast of the map. With the help of your Odin’s vision look for a white blur in a side room outside the Church. Now, break the glass window, get inside the Church, shoot an arrow through the grate and open the side chambers to get the second clue.

Finally, take both the clue to Vagn and unlock the River Dee.

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River Raid Key Locations

When you are on a raid you will stumble upon certain locations which have locked loot chests. To open them you will need river raid keys. Finding these keys demand little effort since they can’t be easily found just like the main game where a white key icon is spotted using Odin’s Vision.

To find them you must use Odin’s vision and look for a white blur in the environment indicating chest. This is where you can get the River Raid keys.

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