Who Is The Traitor Gerhild Or Lork in AC Valhalla?

In the Old Wounds of Assassin’s Creed Valhalla, you will be prompted to pick the second traitor choice. Let this guide help you not screw up and make the correct choice.

The 9th Century of England is a vicious area, and if you have discovered further than Essexe and proceeded with the subplot, you will be urged to identify the traitor looming in the Old Wounds Quest of the Assassin Creed Valhalla. The backstabber is either Gerhild or Lork, and there is hardly any proof to find out.

However, this guide will how to work out your way in picking out the correct culprit who betrayed Rollo and what will be the consequences you will face if you make the wrong choice.

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 Who Is The Traitor Gerhild Or Lork in AC Valhalla?

During the Old Wounds Journey in Essexe arc, Rollo will drive you to the camp where the two accused are housed. You’re likely to get the chance to confront both of them and scan the site for any evidence.

If you’re still stuck as to who tricked Rollo after you’ve examined all the dialog alternatives and noticed the hints with your Odin’s Vision, here’s the guilty – The Traitor Is Gerhild.

How To Find The Traitor?

To find out the suspect you must first have a chat with both the suspects. Upon asking about their whereabouts both will say the same thing – hunting rabbits for Rollo’s return. Lork further adds that he caught Gerhild speaking with the Saxon.

To verify their truth, assess the closer game rack and if it’s full then it implies both are lying since there will be no requirement to go for a hunt any sooner. Another way to check before coming to any conclusion is to scan the hiding spot to the left of the Gerhild using your Odin’s sight ability to score any possible clues.

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Now, again, talk with both suspects, and Lork will confess that he wasn’t out for hunting, but sleeping in the bush, and then covering up when the battle began. Gerhild claims to be with the lover, the Saxon that Lork had caught.

Now, it’s time to decide who the culprit is with all the available information.

How Gerhild Is The Traitor?

Considering that Gerhild despises Rollo for dating Estrid, it seems odd that she has a Saxon partner. She’s also lied about hunting and doesn’t have an alibi. Lork has made a secret pact to Rollo, which Danes values highly. It’s also reported he’s aging and getting weaker as the day passes hence justifying his sleeping & hiding.

It’s about time you speak to Rollo and enlighten her about the real culprit. When you choose Gerhild, she’s likely to be assassinated.

What Will Happen If You Mess-Up?

If you screw it up and pick Lork instead, Gerhild will be saved and make life even more challenging for you later on in the Essexe plotline.

That’s it! You now know who the real traitor to Rollo in AC Valhalla’s Old Wound quest is. For more on Assassin’s Creed Valhalla browse GamesAdda.