AC Valhalla Cent Mysteries Location Walkthrough

Find all the 11 mysteries in the Cent region of Assassin’s Creed Valhalla.

AC Valhalla adventure is quite an extensive game featuring multiple regions to explore besides numerous quests and puzzles. This guide is about the Cent, one of the many regions of AC Valhalla which is home to almost 11 Mysteries.

If you are stuck upon finding all the Mysterious then we have got you covered.

AC Valhalla Cent Mysteries

In Assassin’s Creed Valhalla, Mysteries are the side missions as well as open-world encounters. Upon synchronizing the viewpoints, on the world map, they are automatically indicated with blue icons. The locations of the 11 AC Valhalla Mysteries are described further in the article. Let’s get started.

Mystery #1: Treasure of Britain (Mysterious Chessboard Tablet)

Once you secure Wealth #16, you are eligible to get the treasure placed inside the Cave of Trials.

Note: Wealth #16 is Nickel Ingot located at the South West of the Cent region just below the Raculf Monastery.

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Mystery #2: World Event (Red in Tooth and Claw)

Out of nowhere, a man will be seen surrounded by the deadly Boars, trapped inside the house. Search for the key somewhere around the corpse, open the door, enter to find a dead man. Look out for the letter, read and check for the corpse to finish.

Mystery #3: World Event (The Pardoner’s Tale)AC Valhalla Cent Mysteries

Patiently listen to the tale of the old man in Creepy Old Man Does Creepy Things quest and follow him in the forest. Look out for the huge and freshly corpse oak tree. Scan the three corpses, a soup pot placed beside the foot of the tree, and allow the Eivor to do the rest.AC Valhalla Cent Mysteries 1

Mystery #4: World Event (Madness of the Stones)

Eivor will spot a man attempting to count the stones in the middle of the Cent region and decided to help the poor guy. However, the man will make you count at least 3 times before the mission gets unlocked with the conclusion of M. Night Shyamalan’s plot.

Mystery #5: Standing Stones (Medeuuage Megaliths)

For Mystery #5, you have to make use of Odin’s vision to expose the markings on the center of the standing stone. Align these marked stones to come up with a particular pattern

Mystery #6: Flyting (Brother Quiescis)

This is a Flyting challenge in which a monk takes up a pledge to remain silent. Appropriate responses are:

  • Though you speak through another, your writing’s still poor.
  • Though you choose to be quiet, your folly is loud.
  • With such drivel to speak, I see why you keep mum.

Mystery #7: World Event (Pig of Prophecy)

Eivor starts toying with hallucinogenic drugs in an attempt to help the man to talk with a pig. The process goes like this, talk with the man, drink the drug and try talking with the pig. This may take more than 1 attempt.

Mystery #8: World Event (The Lighthouse Twins)

Ascend to make a way for Arne who is struggling to climb down. You can do this by lowering the highest ladder and destroying all the vipers on it for Arne to descend. Tell me the coast is clear and guide him to his brother.

Mystery #9: World Event (The Sky Thief)

In this quest, you will see a girl who lost her ring to the birds. Upon climbing the tree and talking with the girl you will know the ring is sitting in the nest. Use oil jars for overkill and let the ring fall to the ground. Suddenly girl’s stepmom will appear, hand over the ring to her and order her to give it back to her granddaughter. Now, to end the quest, talk with the girl.

Mystery #10: World Event (Winifred)

Move towards the beehive to extract honeycomb for the little girl. Put it beside the tree, stay put and examine how the event performs.

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Mystery #11: Fly Agaric

You will end up coming along four gates and a spiral of floating stones. Let the spiral stones help you with the order of gates to pass through.
The order will be:

  1. Fish – Water
  2. Corpse – Fire
  3. Antlers – Earth
  4. Birds – Air

These are all the available Mysteries to complete in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla to explore all the regions of Cent and obtain achievements and trophies.