Garena Free Fire Weapon Guide 2021: All FF Sniper Rifles With Stats & Description

Here's a collection of all the Garena Free Fire sniper rifles, each with a description and a picture.

Free Fire provides players with a bunch of weapons to use on the battleground. These weapons are classified into types such as SMGs, Sniper Rifles, ARS, Shotguns, and more. Each type has its special properties.

Sniper Rifles are among the most prevalently used kinds and are suitable for long-range attacks. Typically, they give a powerful strike to opponents, but users need to be precise while using them. If you wish to kill an enemy at the extreme or another side of the map, there’s just one weapon for that. These high-powered Free Fire guns may not be very effective for near range situations or attacks but their high impact potential, paired with a high-powered scope, makes them the most lethal range.

Like every other mobile royal battle format, Garena Free Fire also has a series of sniper guns. Some gamers are not aware of all Free Fire Sniper Rifles, which we’re covering in this article, along with their descriptions, stats, attachments, and more.

All Free Fire Sniper Rifles In 2021

Below is the list of the best 6 Sniper Rifles available in Free Fire. You can also check the stats and detailed info about the weapon.

1. KAR 98KSniper Rifle in Free Fire

If you’re an ardent PUBG Mobile player or you’ve ever played this Royal Battle Game, you must be familiar with this Bolt Action Rifle. Not only does this gun crash on airdrops, but it can also be discovered by scavenging through loot sites. It causes high damage per shot and has a pre-attached 8x scope. It can be attached to the silencer. Overall, it’s a wonderful weapon and it can be powerful if it’s in the right hands.

2. AWMSniper Rifle in Free Fire

AWM is a high-damage sniper rifle procured from Airdrops and uses Sniper Ammo. In the Free Fire, it delivers the same stats as the Kar98K, but with a faster reload time and the chance of magazine growth. In a nutshell, AWM is a little upgraded variant of the Kar98K.

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3. M82BSniper Rifle in Free Fire

The M82B is a heavy sniper rifle that supports only the Silencer attachment and also provides one of the lowest movement speeds. Its major priority, though, is to put up with the gruesome Gloo Walls. The gun can break such walls, leaving an unprepared target in for a great shock.

4. VSSSniper Rifle in Free Fire

The VSS is not a very powerful sniper rifle in Free Fire. The impact it leaves is minimal, with no significant damage whatsoever. But it comes with a pre 4x scope and a silencer that can be very harmful to poorly armed opponents. Hence, it can be beneficial in the initial phases of the game but its effectiveness drops as the game advances.

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5. SKSSniper Rifle in Free Fire

SKS is one of the most powerful Sniper Rifles in Free Fire. It comes in handy in mid-to long-range fights and is ideal for newbies. It provides a higher firing rate compared to other bolt action guns, but at the price of a fractionally reduced range and reduced accuracy.

6. SVDSniper Rifle in Free Fire

The SVD can only be accessed by airdrops. It works out to be a devastating weapon at the end of the game when the players are fully armed and guarded. It is an improved variant of the SKS rifle, as it also provides a higher firing rate with higher impact and penetration of the armor.

That’s all you need to know about the various sniper rifles that you can use to kill enemies in Garena Free Fire. If you want to know more about Free Fire Sniper rifles then you should visit this page from time to time because we will update this list on a weekly basis.