Revenant Esports Will Represent India At The Pokemon UNITE World Championship 2022

Find out more about the Revenant Esports team set to represent India at Pokemon UNITE World Championship 2022

Revenant Esports has cemented their spot in the Pokemon UNITE World Championship 2022  with a spectacular performance in the Indian regional qualifier. The team faced off against strong contenders like True Rippers Esports, Enigma Gaming, Entity Gaming and S8ul in the regional qualifiers. Revenant Esports beat Ascension by 3-1 in the final.

The team maintained a dominant streak throughout the qualifiers. They registered wins in all their nine matches during the event. They will now represent India at the Pokemon UNITE World Championship 2022. Find out more about the schedule and the prize pool of the tournament below.

Revenant Esports Qualified For Pokemon UNITE World Championship 2022


The Pokemon UNITE World Championship is scheduled to take place in London from August 19-20. Revenant Esports has now booked a spot for themselves in the tournament with a spectacular performance. It is an even more impressive feat considering the fact that this was the current roster’s first competitive appearance.

Revenant Esports will now compete against some of the best of the best teams from around the world in the Pokemon UNITE World Championship. The prize pool for the tournament is $500,000.

The team comprises of 6 players. These include the following players:

  • Captain Raunak Sen (Crowley)
  • Omkar Sawardekar (Omen)
  • Adnan Badshah (Badshah)
  • Jeet Kundra (Swifty)
  • Anklesh Satelkar (Novaa)
  • Vishnu Khatri (Xesol)

In conclusion, viewers can expect a spectacular tussle at the tournament. There will be a total of 16 featured teams from 26 countries. During the tournament, all teams will be divided into four groups. However, only the top two teams will advance to the playoffs. The final will be played in a best-of-five format.

Readers will have to wait and see how the Indian team performs during the tournament. We will keep you updated about any major events during the tournament.

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