Pokemon Unite All New Held Items: Razor Claw, Choice Specs & Weakness Policy

Get to know the details about all the details of new held items in Pokemon Unite!

Pokemon Unite is now available for free on Android and iPhones. The Mobile version of Pokemon Unite has added a lot of new features, customizable characters, new held items, and many more things. Since the game has already been released and it is receiving awesome reviews from critics and gamers, we have created a guide on Pokemon Unite Held Items explaining what they are and what they are used for in the game.

Pokemon Unite: All-New Held Items

Held items are items that bring out an effective boost in Pokemon Unite. They are upgraded to certain levels using enhancers to their best effect and use them in the battles. There are a total of three new Held items added in Pokemon Unite season 2. If you don’t know what these Held items are then keep reading this post.

Razor Claw

Pokemon Unite New Held ItemsWhen a Pokemon uses a move, its next basic attack deals a minimum of 10 more damage using Razor Claw. The higher the pokemon attack, the more the damage increases. When Razor Claw is held by a melee pokemon, the basic attack decreases the movement speed of the opposing pokemon for a short time.

The attack is increased by 15 every time with a 2.1% increase in the critical hit rate. For an overall build, a razor claw is a best-held item used.

Choice Specs

Pokemon Unite New Held ItemsThey are very similar to another held item called Wise Specs in Pokemon Unite. Choice specs increase the damage of move by a minimum of 60 when they hit. The higher the pokemon’s special attack the more the damage is increased. Also, the special attack is increased by 39.

Weakness policy

Pokemon Unite New Held ItemsWeakness policy Increases pokemon’s attack for a short time by a minimum of 3% when the pokemon receives damage. This increase grows larger the more times damage is received. It is an all-rounder type of item to use in Pokemon Unite. It increases HP by 210 and the attack is increased by 15.

Here we come to an end with a list of all newly added held items in Pokemon Unite. Check out another article to know about the best build for Blastoise in Pokemon Unite.