How To Hear Footsteps Better In PUBG?

Here is everything you need to do to hear footsteps better in PUBG!

It is very important to be able to hear the footsteps of your enemies in any battle royale game in order to be alert and be ready to attack them before they attack you and put you down. In PUBG, it is a little difficult to hear the footsteps because of all the bullet firings and other things happening during the game.

But there is a way to fix this and lower the other sounds by changing the settings in such a way that you can hear footsteps better in PUBG. Check this guide out to hear footsteps better in PUBG.


PUBG: How To Hear Enemies Footsteps Clearly?

how to hear footsteps better in PUBG

As we already know that there are not many settings to deal with inside the game that can help you solve this query. There is not much to mess with within the settings of PUBG. The only way to solve it is by various other methods outside the game to get it done.


Here are all the possible ways that might help you hear footsteps better in PUBG.

1) Use Headphones

Make sure you use headphones or earphones to experience the best quality sound effects in the game. Headphones will help you hear every minute sound effects by blocking the unnecessary outside noise. Use a good pair of headphones to get the best experience ever.


2) Turn Off SFX Plug-ins

Make sure to turn the SFX Plug-ins off if you do not want to get disturbed by any external software. Turn it off every time before start playing the game on your system.

3) Dolby Atmos


This is a special feature for windows PC for all the speakers and headphones. It will help you to pinpoint the direction from where the footstep sound is coming. It is available in the windows store you can launch it from there. But let me tell you Dolby Atmos is a paid app on the windows store but you can still sign up for the 30 day free trials of the app.

There are various other similar apps available on the internet that you can also try using them at your own risk.

4) Sound Settings

Set all your in-game sound settings to 100 for the best possible sound in the game. It can be a little harsh or irritating to hear the loud gunshots using headphones but its the best solution if you want to hear the footsteps clearly in PUBG.

5) Sound Card

Install a good-quality sound card for the high-end sound performance in the game. You don’t need to do much after installing the soundcard on your system it will give you the best experience ever in PUBG or any other game.

That’s everything you need to know about how to hear footsteps better in PUBG. Read another article on PUBG Update 1.6 ( Resistance: Survival Of The Fittest).


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