How To Buy PUBG Mobile Lite Battle Coins (BC) Through Midasbuy

Battle coins (BC) is one of the currency of PUBG Mobile lite. Here's how to buy Battle Coins (BC) from Midasbuy at a cheaper price.

Battle Coins (BC) is one of the currencies in PUBG mobile lite that players can use to buy all the in-game items like weapons and skins. Unlike some currencies, the only way to buy Battle coins is by using real money, which is why they are crucial in PUBG lite. Players can either buy the Battle coins in the game or from websites like Midasbuy, where you can get more offers and discounts. Let’s see how to purchase Battle coins and other PUBG mobile lite currencies from Midasbuy.

Steps To Buy PUBG Mobile Lite Battle Coins (BC) From Midasbuy

Follow the below-mentioned steps to buy Battle coins from Midasbuy

  • Search Midasbuy or click here and then select the purchase button

battle coins midasbuy

  • Enter your PUBG ID in the text box and then select the payment mode

battle coins midasbuy

  • Now you will be able to choose from the various packs of Battle coins. Players can also buy other PUBG mobile lite currencies like UC on the same page.

battle coins midasbuy

  • After choosing the pack to complete the payment, you will be able to see all your purchases in your account instantly.

battle coins midasbuy

The bigger pack you purchase lesser you pay for every Battle coin or UC. Apart from that, Midasbuy keeps running multiple offers that can help you get Battle coins, UC, and other PUBG mobile lite currencies for cheaper than the in-game store. Apart from that, we would like to assure players that Midasbuy is a trusted platform and safe to use. Many PUBG players have also mentioned how changing countries or currencies can help you buy Battle coins for an even lesser price. While we are not sure about this, we would recommend players try this technique, but even without it, there have been many instances when Midasbuy has been cheaper than the actual in-game store.

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