Who Won FFIC 2021 and qualified for the Free Fire World Series (FFWS)?

This article reveals who won FFIC 2021 as well as the points table for the same.

Who hasn’t heard of Free Fire, the well-known mobile battle game? Nowadays, everyone, from kids to teenagers to adults, is totally engrossed in the game. Aside from its phenomenal gameplay, the advancement it brings to the esports ecosystem is credible reasoning for gamers across the globe to cherish it.

Speaking of esports, you’re probably curious to discover who won the FFIC 2021 Spring Split, then continue scrolling to let us enlighten you about it with some stats and extra details.

Who Won FFIC 2021 Spring Split?

The Free Fire Indian Championship 2021 started on January 29, 2021, and ended yesterday, March 21, 2021, with the competitive grand finale. Galaxy Racer Esports managed to top the points table and secure the FFIC 2021 title for a massive INR 35 lakh.

The top 12 teams struggled over 6 matches set on 3 different maps to emerge as a winning team in Free Fire India Championship 2021 Spring Split.

FFIC 2021 Grand Finale Overall Standings

Here are the overall standings of the Grand Finale.

1 GXR 39 31 70
2 CHAOS 34 34 68
3 ELITE 47 20 67
4 SIXTH SENSE 31 30 61
5 LAST BREATH 33 18 41
6 NEMESIS 29 16 45
7 CAPTAINS 29 14 43
8 TEAM D 33 9 42
9 LVL ICONIC 22 14 36
10 SURVIVOR 4AM 18 12 30
11 AFF 16 14 30
12 TOTAL GAMING 11 5 16

FFIC 2021 Grand Finale Overview

Here’s a match-wise quick glance at the FFIC 2021 Grand Finale:

1st Match – It was held on the Bermuda map. Team Nemesis won the match with 10 kills. In this match, the team’s Fragger Mohit earned the Most Valuable Player (MVP) title for 5 kills in the match. 2nd place with 4 frags in this match was secured by the team Elite.

2nd Match – This match was played on the map of Purgatory. Team Chaos won the match with 13 kills.

3rd Match – It was played on the Kalahari map. This match was again bagged by the team Chaos with 8 kills. Hence, they make it to the 1st position in the points table followed by team Nemesis and team Elite.

4th Match – This match took place on the Bermuda map again in which Galaxy Racers managed to win with 8 kills. 2nd winner in the list is Sixth Sense with 7 kills.

5th Match – It was set on the map of Purgatory and Team Elite won the match with 6 kills while Sixth Sense again claimed 2nd place with 10 kills.

6th Match – The last and final match of the Free Fire India Championship 2021 Spring Split was played on the map of Kalahari. The Last Breath claimed the match with 5 kills but surprisingly Galaxy Racers turned the game in its favor with 9 kills which shifted its position on the points table from 3rd to 1st. This is how GXR becomes the answer to your question about who won FFIC 2021.


The catch is that Galaxy Racers paved the way for the Free Fire World Series 2021, which is set to take place on May 29th, 2021 in Singapore, which calls for a double celebration for them.

Sadly, the most loved and popular team Total Gaming performed poorly and made it to the last place in the points table.

I hope we not only provided you with the name of who won the FFIC 2021, but also with other important and helpful material.