How To Top Up In Free Fire? (June 2022)

Free Fire Top up can be done in-game as well as through third-party sites

Garena Free Fire has a lot of cool items that can be purchased using diamonds in the game. Players can get characters, pets, skins, bundles and a whole lot more via in-game purchases. However, players only get a limited number of diamonds in the game. Once they run out, players must top up in Free Fire. This can be done in-game as well as through third-party sites. Let us find out some of the ways to top up in Free Fire.

Ways To Top Up In Garena Free Fire


In-Game Free Fire Top Up

This is the safest way to top up in Free Fire. Players can go to the Google Play Store and recharge their Google Play Balance to pay for the top up in-game. Since this method is approved by the game developers, there is little chance of players being scammed.

To top up in-game, players can go to the Free Fire game store and look at the Diamond offers available. Once they have selected an offer that suits their requirement, players can choose to purchase that offer. Players will then be asked for payment. They can select from the Payment options which include Google Play Balance. If players have recharged their Google Play Balance, they will be able to purchase the top up with one click. As soon as the payment is made, players will get their diamond top up in Free Fire.

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Codashop is a third-party site that can be used to purchase diamonds for Free Fire. The site often runs offers that provide top ups at discounted rates. To use this option for a top up, players will need to visit the official Codashop site. Here, they can go for the Direct Top-Up option for Free Fire. Players will now be asked for their Free Fire ID. They can select the top up amount and make the payment to receive the diamonds in-game.

While Codashop is a trusted site, players must still be cautious about using unofficial sources to top up for Free Fire.

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Apart from these, there are several other sites that offer Free Fire diamonds. A lot of them even claim to give diamonds for free. However, players must be wary of such sites. They can often be a scam. Players must only use trustable sources to top up in Garena Free Fire.