How To Use Radio Commands Feature In Free Fire OB26?

In this article learn what's the buzz about the Free Fire OB26 update's new feature radio command.

As we all know how Garena developers constantly put efforts into keeping the Free Fire craze alive, offering players with incredible gameplay content by creative improvements with every patch it launches.

Before the global rollout, Garena developers conduct trials on advanced servers that are only open to specific players. Perhaps, Free Fire players all over the world are eagerly waiting for the 4th of February 2021, the day on which the next Free Fire OB26 update will be released.

OB26 update comes bearing exciting features and elements and one of which would be the radio commands. Although Free Fire is not the only Royal Battle title to incorporate this functionality. PUBG Mobile already has this feature right from the start, and it’s really beneficial to players.

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So, what’s the buzz about this radio command, and how to use it to our benefit, must be the question many players are intrigued about. Hence, this blog is articulated to address everything concerning this unique feature of Free Fire OB26’s latest version.

How To Use Radio Commands Feature In Free Fire?

Radio Command is a new feature introduced by Garena developers in the upcoming OB26 Free Fire update. This option enables players to send commands to their teammates with the help of preset messages.

This attribute will tend to be the most helpful for gamers and will come in handy especially for those who cannot use voice chats. But in case the players annoy the hell out of you, you can instantly spam them just by activating block radio commands from the teammate’s option.

The radio command feature would be most desirable for Duo and Squad mode in Free because being allowed to interact effectively is the most essential part of winning Duo and Squad mode. Most importantly, when you encounter enemies, and you’d like your squad to stick and fight together.

It is advisable to make the most of this amazing feature for better communication and plan strategies with your squad.

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